Checking In To Say "Howdy!"

  • Travel is still a problem here, but we are so isolated that much of what the rest of the world is going through is something we only read about on the news.

    Our new home of Powell River is only 65 miles from Vancouver, which was where the plague first hit Canada, but getting here from there is a six-hour endeavor requiring two ferries, and we have not had a single case.

    Still, people here have taken the wisdom of the medical profession to heart, and we are all practicing social distancing in the grocery stores. But we have been able to continue climbing and visiting friends on our decks and in our back yards, and, as of last week, will are now able to get our hair cut or go to the local taproom for a beer.

    I spent most of the last 20 years working in Seattle, and am sad that I cannot go down there to visit all my old friends, but that day will come...

  • Hey Lynnie,
    I too take the Covid -19 isolation seriously, I have two respiratory problems and am not quite as old as zB, but can't take any chances.

    I am a lone wolf by nature, so isolation is not that hard, but I struggle with the 6' rule if I do have social interactions. It takes practice, especially when I rarely leave the "farm".

    Glad you are doing well!

  • @Tobia --hey there say, wow... great to see you tobia! drop an email, when you can! ...
    hey there, to lynne, and everyone... NickG and, to David, here, too...

    will check in, and say more, later... have to go take pupdog, out to the yard...
    online hug, to all...

  • Stranded on the side of the highway with dead alternator. Ran it long enough after the light came on that the battery is now dead enough that it is tripping all kinds of codes. Not quite like the old vw that you could turn everything off and just keep on trucking with the battery only running the ignition.. anyways I am crashing in place and hoping that isa will turn her phone on in the morning and come help me buy parts.

  • @NickG Okay, first things first -- sorry to hear of your predicament.

    But (and I don't follow the van build thread) is there some way to fend off this kind of problem? A portable generator? A back-up battery?

    I'm a complete know-nothing about van life, but...

    Anyway, good luck.

  • I kind of knew it was weak.. the best thing would have been to replace it before I was stranded. 2nd best would be to know how to have it connected to my auxiliary battery bank. So that I would have been able to get to isa's house but would still need to fix the problem.

  • Nice sunrise.

  • It was a royal pain in the butt however I was able to get a new rebuilt alternator and install it yesterday. The two top bolts are almost impossible.. all the videos I watched warned me that I would learn new swear words getting them out and back in. The deed is done and now I should not have to worry about that job for another 120k. 🙂

  • Sunset broken down on the side of the road.
    made breakfast and got on the smart phone. located an OEM Bosch rebuild and had it delivered to a more local store. called them @ 8am and the part was in their hands by 11am Isa came and got me , AAA towed the van to Isa's house. the job was enough of a PINTA that I strongly sugest that if any of you poor soles ever have to change the alternator on a T1N Sprinter DO NOT DO IT. STEP AWAY FROM THE TOOL BOX! Call your local friendly mechanic and make them suffer. 😉 Anyways 5 and 1/2 hours of pure bliss and she was purring nicely and ready for our sunday adventure.
    Isa had to run some gates..
    I had to giver her hell for bad form 😉 eyes down, not looking ahead for the next gate. hands farther forward etc …
    me channeling my Inner John Lamb.

  • @NickG John lamb. I guess I need a bit more practice.

  • Howdy Lynne! \O/ 🎆 🎊 🎉

    @NickG Had the chance to score a pair of those Merrell's for $100. Liked 'em well enough in the store to overcome my decades long boycott of Merrell. Ever since seems I notice more and more folks diggin' on 'em as well. 👍

  • I went up north for the weekend and forgot shoes.. ended up being what they had that fit. 😉

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