Rules of the Road - Read This First

  • Given how cool this place is, I imagine some may have 'clickeried' their way right on past the terms in their eagerness to register. Understandable. Figure I probably ought to post 'em somewhere a bit more prominent:

    1. Be respectful of others.

    2. Play nice.

    3. Have fun.

    4. Don't post material that violates copyright laws.

    5. Redpoint University is not ST reincarnate. Please do not recreate, seed, etc. threads, content, etc. from "The Taco".

    Those are ordered in the order they are for a reason, e.g. having fun doesn't trump being respectful of others.

    Uh... Basically... Don't be uncool, okay? 😎

    Questions, comments or feedback? Please check our Questions & Comments category before starting a new thread. You may well find your issue has already been addressed.

    Thanks bunches for your consideration and cooperation. 🐕

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