Free USGS Topos from National Geographic!

  • I have not used this program a lot & you do need to give them your email. On the bright side, they have not sent me any follow-up emails, or tried to sign me up for a paid subscription

    PDF Quads

    Free Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps

    A quick and easy way to download and print any USGS 7.5 minute topographic quad


    Here's the link:

  • @FritzRay Maps?

    Like on paper? Like pictures drawn on paper to show where shit is?

    Like are you old or something? I heard my grandpa talk about that one time. Like he took these big sheets of paper with him when he went... well he called it climbing and I didn't want to say anything bad or anything, but it sounded like he was just like wandering around in the forest and like on top of some hills but never actually climbed any routes or anything.

    I tried to understand, cuz I like didn't want to upset him, but whenever I asked him how many bolts were on that route, or how did he get to the anchors to set the toprope, he like looked at me like I was from Mars or something.

    So, like, what would you do with these paper things?

  • David! A very-gud point. I suspect, I am still stuck in the pre cell phone past, where folks just use the app & the topo. However! After you print out these worthless topo-maps, they work great as fire starters.

    Oh! No fires now.

    Ah! It was easier in the old daze.

    10 barron camp 1972.jpg

  • @David-Harris said in Free USGS Topos from National Geographic!:

    @FritzRay Maps?

    So, like, what would you do with these paper things?

    Orienteering old school analog style. Very reliable. No electronics or satellite communication required. No solar chargers, dongles, etc. Just good ol' map and compass self reliant style orienteering. 👍

    Bonus points for being able to spread out a quad and not need to scroll or zoom for bird's eye overviews.

    Rock on! 🎸

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