A Little Outdoor Fun on National Outdoor Intercourse Day!

  • For those not familiar with the holiday, May 8th is March 69th & is widely celebrated in the Northwest, by younger folks. We managed a hike to celebrate.

    Our SLC friends Jerry & Angie delivered a piece of Jerry's metal art to us, for trans-shipment to a patron, & they stayed, socially-distant of course, for a Holiday hike.

    Jerry's metal art. 7' 8" tall.

    We hiked the rim of the Malad River Canyon this morning, then they left for the Twin Falls Costco & SLC,

    I asked Jerry, if he could step back another foot, to improve the photo.


    Devil's Washbowl falls. It was a big-drop adventure kayaking goal for a few, & it was finally run a few years back.


    Jerry's artist's eyes spied this faint stick-figure petroglyph, when we were exploring off the rim trail. The horns mark it as a rare "Shaman" figure, & I think rather than a tail, which I have never seen, the line to the right is part of an incomplete circle (shield) around the figure.


  • @FritzRay What? No outdoor orgy pics? What is May 8th coming to.... 🤘

  • Toby! I explained the May 8th holiday to all involved in our hike this morning & Angie replied: "You & Jerry need to see if you can find a willing ewe out there."

    The romance of youth appears to be gone, with us old folks.

  • @FritzRay , hey there say, wow! thanks for sharing!!

  • cool shots. those white water folks are crazy!

  • won't be any outdoor whoopies in vt today... It's nasty out there...

  • Definitely weather for outdoor whoopies here, but most folks are buttoned down in their homes and only venturing out for groceries...

    Uh... okay, not true. Outdoor recreation, be it vertical (climbing) or horizontal (riding or paddling) (not that other horizontal recreation) is pretty much unhindered by the plague.

    But I haven't seen any posts on the local forums about a rush to the moss for outdoor nookie.

  • I have no idea what is being talked about here and I may just download this video and overdub it with just the sounds of the water.


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