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  • Given Trumps new executive order I have a question about a good friend who is freaking out. His situation is he is from Germany. Has been on temporary status for like 10 years+. He's a scientist owns a home here and needs to renew his status this summer. Apparently he needs to go back to Germany, check in and get paperwork done then come back. I think that is how it works.

    Talk about a productive immigrant he is trying to organize testing through his lab. But now if he needs to go to Germany to reapply he risks not being able to reenter.

    My question I guess is advice on what he should due?

    Thanks S....

  • I spent almost 20 years in the US in the same, or similar, status as your friend. If he is a scientist, then I would guess that his status is H-1B, or similar. But whatever it is, he should head straight to the office of the best immigration lawyer he can find.

    When I was on H-1B status I did my own legal work, but that was long before Donald Trump began making America great again by demonizing all non-Americans.

    And then, being Canadian, it made sense for me to switch from an H-1B visa (mostly educated technical workers from all over the world) to a TN visa (available with less stringent requirements under NAFTA). But I also switched to having an immigration lawyer handle it for me -- something that ultimately paid huge dividends at a relatively low cost (which my employer was more than happy to pick up half of).

    So, yeah, he should get to an immigration lawyer as soon as he can. And, depending on who he works for, he may be able to get some help from there as well.

    Where does he live?

    Edit to add: There may be exceptions, but, as far as I know, virtually all renewals of non-resident visas require the applicant to leave the country, and then return. In my case is was as simple as driving across the border, turning around and driving back to present my case to the US CBP, but in your friend's case it may require airplanes. Which can be a bit of an issue right now.

  • @David-Harris Thanks Daivid for you response. He lives here in San Diego and works at a lab for UCSD.


  • Scary times...

  • @Skywalker said in Temporary Worker question:

    He lives here in San Diego

    If he lived anywhere near Seattle I'd have been able to recommend the lawyer who helped me through several renewals. But I don't know anyone in Southern California.

  • @David-Harris The UC system sports some of the best law schools in the country though and I think as university employee he has access to some pretty decent free legal aid as a first step? Or used to at least, bitd.

    Damn, do I ever miss the beach! 🏐🏖 🌅

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