Network Status - Coronavirus

  • Backbone providers are evidently feeling the strain as more and more of those who have the luxury are telecommuting. I've noted increased lag and decreased speeds over a number of days now. Packets being dropped, etc. Well, it's hit RPU and we are seeing substantial lag times today. Server side RPU is humming along as per usual.

    tl;dr: RPU is slow due to upstream network issues.

    Update: 04/21 ~17:00MST

    • Uhmm.. .things seem back to normal. 😉

    Further reference fer' the geek inclined:

    Thousand Eyes - Outages

    Update: 04/22 ~0400:GMT

    • Per CenturyLink they have fixed the fiber connections that were causing outages. Routes going over them (once routers re-converge) will start to slowly make it's way back to what RPU members used to see a couple days ago.

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