Road Trippin' Rigs

  • Don't know if it's base or not? The local dealership has four 144in high top 4x4 2019 cargo vans. 61.9k to62.9k

  • @NickG If you are ever out this way (Seattle), we will have to do some jammin'.

  • @Moose Stanley Lake is near Stanley. 😆

  • @toby I'm pretty sure it was Stanley lake that lost its beach in the first earthquake? Part of the ground subsided there.

  • @Moose love for this stupid pandemic to go away so we could get on the road and do some jamming!

  • @NickG I'm having the best luck on Cargurus. Carfax has fair results too, but tend to be higher in price, generally, for similar vehicles.

  • Best "investment" I ever made 😉


    Complimented with a shell back in the day but that day is long past, as I don't groove on the condensation from the fiberglass rigs so went old school aluminum skin on wood frame. Insulated and interior paneling. Drapes and such. I had extra insulation added to the roof for Team Husky since it took the most direct sun. Just a bit taller than the truck's cab - enough that I could sit in a low slung beach chair and have sufficient head room to be comfy. The "bench" Ace is sitting on was my poor weather and early morning coffee cooking area. Else otherwise just used the tailgate. Alas, the shell was vandalized by an emotionally/behaviorally disturbed student during my teaching days.

    Edit: This pic was taken upon exit from a twelve day backpacking trip into the Sawtooths. Hence the triumphant fist pump. Next stop: Pizza in Stanley (and a beer for dad)! 🍕 🍺

  • Genifer is becoming increasingly keen on the Ford Explorer. In no small part because our '07 Ford Fusion has "been so good to us". Approaching 200K miles of predominantly city driving with naught else other than routine maintenance, I concur. That was back shortly after Ford had bought out Mazda, however, so our Fusion is essentially a Mazda chassis and power train sporting a Ford body and interior compliments. Guess what has been the weakest link in that chain? Yep, interior and exterior accoutrements. Hence, I am not so eager to automatically grace Explorers w/the same vote of confidence (nor the newer Fusions for that matter).

    So I suggested Toyota 4Runner. Quick price check by her points to adding about $10K for the 4Runner. Kind of like Ford being the king of trucks. Only add $20K if it is also a Ford Diesel rig. Anywho.... not done any research on either as of yet but am interested in reports by owners of either. Did you simply take the "safe bet" and go with the herd, buy based on "brand loyalty" or did you evaluate alternatives? If the latter, what was the logic behind your decision. Both pros and cons cuz no matter how great there are always also a few warts.

    Thanks in advance. 🍺

  • the exploder can be turned into a camper but nothing like a Transit. the AWD transit only comes as a gasser though...

  • @NickG Good to know. This unit will need to also serve as daily driver and Genifer is uncomfortable driving larger rigs. Hence the 4Runner/Explorer compromise. Were I back in regular dirt bag mode bitd, your rig in 4x4 would have been the bee's knees. Of course Sprinters had not yet been invented yet either .....

    An Explorer/4Runner sized SUV could get the job done for the two of us. Need more cargo haulage capabilities when we take niece's camping and I was hoping to be able to "slim down" to a single rig. That said, the youngest starts high school this year so not many of those trips left before they're onto other things. So I am thinking the mid sized SUV may well be the sweet spot on this one.

  • the bouldering kid next to us in a explorer. His AWD had been broken for awhile but he was doing fine.

  • @NickG Looks like that one might be an "Expedition"? I was a Chevy guy during my ricky racer days but a Ford guy ever since the "Black Truck", "Gold Truck" (totaled when a ditz w/a cell phone glued to her head rear ended me while I was stopped in traffic), and the Fusion. Leaning towards the 4Runner on this one though, if for no other reason than reputation. Once you go AWD during the Boise winter slop you're forever spoiled so "AWD broken for a while" would be a big concern. Guessing the "for a while" bit was related to cost of repair. Reliability is a big factor in my decision matrix.

    Thanks for the input. 👍

  • definatly a ford. Kid was 2 years in full timer living in it. Rig was likly at least a quater million miler... obviously no money for fixing...

  • Saw these rigs yesterday on my trip the the big city. W, Leb NH. Both too clumsy and thirsty for me 😉 The new.
    and the old. She has charecter!

  • saw one of those Mistsubishi Delancia regs yesterday. it had a pretty good oil leak. looked super clean otherwise. also pretty small but cute as heck. IMG_6326.jpg

  • @NickG Sweet to see a pic of one "set up" fer' road trippin'. We've pretty much settled on at Too Often Yankees Over Price This Auto 4Runner. TRD Offroad sporting the "Premium" package for Genifer's comfort sensibilities appears to be the "sweet spot" compromise rig for us. Keeping our 200K miles Fusion as back up around towner. Plan to restore the "Black Truck" for truck stuff. Thus, the 4Runner will take front and center in the daily driver and the occasional road trippin' departments. Such as it may yet be..... If I ever become affluent enough... diesel tow rig and trailer or a nicely customized 4x4 Sprinter would surely trip my trigger. 😜 🐕

  • not sure who these defuses were but they left both their machineguns unsecured.

  • the old..
    and the getting old 😉

  • saw this sad girl today... NKG_2256.jpg

  • Hey gang, Tad from the old ST days.
    Been using ours often from the build I chronicled on ST.


    Boondocking in Id.

    Capital Reef NP

    Not ours, overkill.

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