Road Trippin' Rigs

  • my dad would punish me for doing that with the farm tractor and wagon. the shit spreader was too heavy and you just had to suck it up and maneuver it with the tractor. We had another wagon with a light enough toung you could unhitch it and swing it around if need be, It was also short enough to be a PINTA to back up with. I guess Pa wanted me to get good at it. I just wanted to get the job finished without jacknifeing and getting stuck. .. Never did get very good at backing up with a trailer...

  • @NickG It's super easy to handle by hand on pavement, but a little more challenging on dirt or gravel. I pride myself in being a superhero when it comes to backing it into place, though, so... 😉

  • Good for you. When I pulled a 32ft camper with 8ft toung for our photo crew I hated it. My boss Gary Coeimg224.jpg
    was a legit tractor trailer guy. He pulled our film photo lab behind a Peterbilt and had driven for a living before and after he became a photographer. Anyways he would tuck our 40ft Lab in where ever the show wanted us and if the camping spot was tricky Gary would take over … He says you have to be pretty good to back up to some of the loading docks in big citys.. I was wicked stoked to finally have my own VW buss so that I both had privacy and a bit of space when we were on the road as well as not having to pull that camper anymore.. Poor Kino, the 70 yr old Japanese guy who got stuck being the driver when I bought my Syncro lost a wheel off the camper @ 70mph a few weeks after I graduated from driver..

  • This rig is pretty cool. Unfurtunatly he does not mention anything about his solar system. it would have been nive to know how much power and what kind of batteries etc he was using. I love the windows but can't imagin how much Dometic windows go for. that fridge was probably 2K and its only 40L I did catch a glimps of the solar panels and they are on the front gable end right behind the cab.

  • I used to drive tractor trailer. Used to be pretty good at backing trailers. Long time since I practiced such but not intimidated. Like, @NickG, however, been there, done that, and rather not have the associated hassles. Obviously there are benefits that outweigh such, depending on situation. @Moose 's rig is so small that it almost "isn't" though so many of the traditional grouses are no longer applicable. Instead, the trade-off optimization targets a different set of criteria. I do not think it would work for us due to wife requirements fer' more rather than less: Mainly indoor toilet and shower. Otherwise, she's pretty minimalist. Comparatively, as I still travel with tons more than I did. But I am also typically providing in some manner for more than myself too. Read kids, nieces, etc. And it is good to have them along so the younger gen can gain an appreciation and some knowledge of such things.

    @Moose I am curious if you ever camped w/that rig at Stanley Lake? I recall seeing a yellow rig much like this a few years ago and being intrigued then as well. Was kind of rainy and we needed to get camp set up ourselves so I did not get a chance to visit w/these folks about their tiny trailer rig before they bailed. I recall it did have Washington plates.

  • The 170" wheelbase sprinters have enough room to be full tilt class B motorhomes with shower,pooper etc...

  • @NickG Yep. I think pooper may be the compromise. I can live without a shower when camping almost indefinitely. Otherwise check into a hotel as necessary if/when you want/need to be "presentable". For me, road trippin', that may be once per week or two. Others, daily. Which is why I asked way upthread for evaluations and criterias. It's all a mix of cost:benefit analysis. And it is good to know your starting points, assumptions, and constraints. 🙂

    Freakin' Sprinters look hard to beat. Especially when you toss diesel and 4x4 into the mix. 👍

  • I just got home from 3 days of "social-distancing" car camping & hill-hiking, with SLC friends John & Jerry. I slept in the back of my 4-Runner, & Jerry in the back of his Chevy. John suffered in a tent.


    A shower tonight is a must. I definitely am aware of my own, & other's body-odor, more-so than some other friends. I confess to pointedly offering certain fellow climbers our solar-shower, during climbing campouts. A shower is a "must" in any "sissy-wagon" I invest in.

  • @toby No, I haven't been to Stanley Lake. Not sure where that is, actually.

  • @Moose said in Road Trippin' Rigs:

    @toby No, I haven't been to Stanley Lake. Not sure where that is, actually.

    Some Toby Trippin'

    Stanley Lake & Mt. McGowan

    A'la Wikipedia....

    Stanley Lake

    Recommended. 👍

    Although I have not been there these past few years since the Forest Service mondo expanded the campgrounds to accommodate yet even more Winnies and their environmentally destructive toys. Bittersweet for me to revisit haunts from decades past. On the one hand still special yet on the other so trashed by the hordes and agency profiteering as to make you cry. What really twists yer' noodle is when you realize that your kids will be saying the same thing. If they're lucky enough to still have it. ⛰ 🏔 ⛰ 🚶

  • @toby Looks great!!

  • Showers are over rated. this was Saturday...

  • our last 7.5 week trip out west I did not take a single shower. the only place we were not able to swim daily was COR. We drove to the lake up by the ski area once but it was more than a 3hr round trip and counter productive.. eventually we started laying on the ground under the water pump and taking turns. that worked well enough. everywhere else on the trip we stayed pretty clean. The spot in the tetons that we usually swam the water was so fast that you would hold onto a rock under water and in about 5 seconds you were completely power washed.

  • And! I will agree you both "smelled like roses" at City of Rocks. Others did not.


  • that shot was the day we did the loop past that small ski area and up the mountain for a cold swim and then on to Burly? for laundry and groceries. Burly was stupid hot and on the back way in to COR we were ready for another swim but couldn't find any good water. tried in a cattle stream but it was shallow and not clean enough to do the trick... after that it was makeshift showers under the spigot at the ranger visitor center and once at that picknic spot by the big rock. Everywhere else on that trip we had good swimming even if it was very cold sometimes. Swam in the Missouri river, lake michegan, glacial lakes
    IMG_2019.jpg , mountain streams, the snake and tons of other places.
    Lake Superior.

  • @NickG -- hey there, say, ... wow, nick!!! really neat!!!
    *back in ... to many odd adventures with pass work, mix up... 😞
    all better now, i hope...

  • The 03 Astro was a killer road tripping rig just too small. Great 4x4 went everywhere and very nimble wheeling. I never had any doubt I could get in and out of places.
    It got 19.4 mpg on extended trips. Defiantly tight for two people and gear. The attic was a huge bonus and made our lives much more comfortable.
    Small 9in roof vent without a fan. no room for an indoor kitchen
    IMG_2607.jpg but good bug screens and airflow. The roof vent really helped even without a fan.
    IMG_2324.jpg IMG_2752.jpg

  • Heh... I'd forgotten about this thread and was all ready to start a new one - with the exact same title. !Aye, caramba!! Thanks goodness fer' autocomplete, eh?

    Anywho... seems like deserves a "bump" and also refiling under "Gear Head Mind Hive". So post up pics and analysis of yer' road trippin' rigs, for better or for worse. Share the good, the bad & the ugly. Inquiring minds are curious and, I suspect, a topic many of us have given a fair bit of thought.

    Speaking of Which....

    @Moose said in Powell River Area Climbing:

    (Also...I want me one of them Delicas with the 4X4 and steering wheel on the right. They don't sell them in the U.S., but I've always seen plenty of them in Squamish, and from visiting Canadians here in Seattle.)

    @Scole said in Powell River Area Climbing:

    The Delica is the coolest rig out there. I want one.

    Looks like you are both in luck: DelicaUSA 🚐

    I noted the rig in the On the Verge video was sporting a cracked windshield. Indicative of frame flex and for many years the nemesis of the Power Wagon. Or mayhaps she just took a rock? Any insights?

    Rock on! 🐕

  • @toby said in Road Trippin' Rigs:

    Or mayhaps she just took a rock? Any insights?

    Christie is still driving that rig, so either the crack is minor, or she has had the windshield replaced.

    Most of the crags around here require some driving on logging roads, so pretty easy to catch the odd pebble.

  • My best road tripping rig yet. Not perfect but close. to be perfect it would be the 4x4 version and have a sink.

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