Road Trippin' Rigs

  • I do wonder if that poor fellow who burned to death in his van in California outside the rock gym had an incident with a heater? i do try to be certain that it can't get too close to curtains or anything but vans often don't have that much clear space ....

  • Happiness is a warm puppy! Lucas is my in-bed heater(and I his).

    I have also used more propane this last few weeks than I'd planned to. I have the hose to hook up a 20 over but have not been using it, so spending much more than I could be.

    Because I'm not moving quickly to the southwest, that's just going to be the case. But I do have to start getting to a little warmer days soon. I'm not very active on the cold days; wasting time.

  • Also, I would - never - fall asleep with my heater on. My dad was a propane dealer and so though I am not afraid of it like some are, I did see firsthand what can happen if something goes wrong. And all machines have the capacity to have something go wrong.

    In the middle of the night, my older sister came stumbling into the house, gasping for air and with blackened soot on her face. Her bedroom was in a sectioned off part of our garage(kids; gotta put them somewhere...), With a dedicated furnace. Apparently the temperature control valve had failed and the furnace did not go on pause as it reached the set temperature. She could - easily - have died. She nearly did.

    I'm careful with space around my Buddy, and that's one nice thing with this van - there's available space to be had. But no way would I trust the carbon monoxide shut-off to engage.

    I have bed coverings that kept me not Uncomfortable to zero degrees in my old van. This one...they seem not to do as good, as I've been down to 20 and okay but not always comfy. I figure it's that the van space is so much larger cubic feet. I may look into putting up a blanket between the cab and cargo space, to close off a few feet. But also am assuming partly it's due to no wall and ceiling coverings in place yet. Before I do those next year, I am going to beef up the polyiso where I can, even though I never wanted to see a sheet of that stuff again by the time I finished this time!

  • I find the curtain separating the cab is key.

  • the front windshield will be a sheet of ice and the back liveing compartment is reasonable.

  • looking dejected...


  • @NickG Your van is repurposing as an igloo!

  • Kermit escaped her winter den behind the garden today 🙂



    she got a brand new Platinum AGM battery. biggest one the parts store stocks. made another compartment in the utensile door. Brakes are rusty but hopefully will smooth out with a bit of use. the big bummer is the roof vent fan stopped working.. it's still under warentee and it seems like Max Air is shipping me a new one but it will be a PINTA to replace..

  • took forever to get a new PC board for the roof fan. its a micro chip thing but she is running again. Added a sink.

    cute little thing from a sailboat.


    then my setup with that huge chest style fridge didn't really please me. its was so heavy , 60lbs empty that it wore out the tracks on the slideing shelf it sat on and as a PINTA to get in and out of. replaced with a new Dometic truck fridge. smaller but easier to get in and out of. had to reconfigure the cabenits so I ended up with a new sliding table and a nice big handy cupboard.
    download 2.jpg

  • Cool looking rig I saw the other night
    while buying this....

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