Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?

  • @NickG Have not spent any time East Coast. You sure do have access to a lot of cool nature. How much driving/road tripping from home base are you doing to get to this stuff? Going by frequency of travel and weekend/work mix, seems not too much?

  • Isa lives 2hrs north of me. most of what we do up there is within 30 min of her house.. much of it 10 min...

  • @NickG Sweet. So you've also got a real nice base camp. Some people have all the fun. 👯 👍

  • thres tons of good stuff near where I live mid week but closer to better stuff up @ Isa's. isa is 35 min from lac Willoughby which is world class.

  • @David-Harris said in Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?:

    Too cold and damp to climb outside today and the local gym is still closed so I headed out to explore some new (well, new to me) bike trails.

    Halfway along, and on a relatively recently cleaned trail, I was stopped by this:


    Yeah, a sign of some kind on a tree. Here's a closer shot to give some scale:


    And, for a close-up of the sign itself, go to the craft beer thread.

    Is that Bridgestone an MB-2?
    I had a similar bike for a couple years, I regret selling it!

  • @J-Fengel Yes, it's an MB-2.

    I bought it new, probably in 1988 or 89. Still riding it today -- much to the amusement of everyone else on the trails here.

    It's a museum piece now, but was pretty much state-of-the-art back then. I think the first Rockshox were just coming out, but mostly available only as an aftermarket modification. Of course, within a few years, all mountain bikes had front shocks, and then, in another few years, full suspension.

    Still, we pioneered the riding on Vancouver's North Shore on bikes like that. Nothing like the action there now, but we had a lot of fun.

  • Yes! After hosting, but not climbing, with a group of friends, who agreed to some basic rules, I'm still doing solo car-camping old-mine trips.

    COR rules.


    Sanitizer & santi-wipes next to the rules.


    Foot-pump hand-washing device, soap, & paper towels.


    I contacted the 15 participants this week, to see if they were still healthy.

    They were!

    That's a stress-load off my mind.

    I celebrated with another visit to deepest Idaho, & a car camping bivy at 8,700"

    I'm visiting a remote 1880's ore-concentrating mill, with impressive rock walls. It's off the tourist map, & requires some mountain hiking.


    Camp at 8,700 ft.


    Nice views of 11,000 ft. Idaho peaks from up there.


  • @FritzRay Good on ya', Ray!! 👍

    And great job on the COR Rules. I'd spaced this out but also had other stuff going on. Maybe next time, eh? 🐕

    Cheers! 🍻

  • Isa's back did not feel up to helping load the canoe and she didn't trust me to get it on the roof of her subi by myself without hurting her new car... So anyways We could not get back to our project but we did hike up high and have a birds eye view of the climb.
    our project is just right of Isa on the other side of the lake. This is above the top of the ice climbs in the winter. super wild that I was getting a bit of PTSD from being up there... Its was windy and Isa was getting too close to the edge for me....
    near the Top of Mindender? the vegatation is deceptive. there were some place with pretty big air and a slip would have been 250m fall....

  • It's summer, the weather is great, but...

    ...we still can't climb. Yeah, Mari returned from work in the US, and we're both in 14-day quarantine.

    What we can do is welcome friends to our yard as long as we keep socially distant. So here is a shot of our friend Zoe on our slackline a few days ago.

    Neither of us can walk it without using the handline above, but Zoe is not only a strong climber, but also a slackliner of some skill. No need of the handline for her.

    Zoe on the line.jpg

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