Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?

  • Way out here at the back-end of nowhere, we can still climb. Well, we could have been climbing if the last few weeks hadn't been cold and damp. But whether the non-climbing is because of weather or because all the crags are now off limits, we still have to feed the rat.

    So what are you doing?

    Us? We're lucky to have a big yard that needs plenty of work, so extreme landscaping is taking the place of non-extreme climbing.


  • I find it rather ironic that the same people who will absolutely blow a gasket if I go climbing have no problem with me running a chainsaw which is about a thousand times more dangerous..... Mostly been working on my van. went for two illeagle skin and ski adventures the last few days.. another activity les dangerous than bike riding which is still allowed and then of course the chainsaw thing....

  • It's a wonderful time to own 5 rocky acres with lots of weeds & a big lawn. Two days ago was fence repair day & a full body workout. Yesterday, I walked both the edge & interior trail system with a 3 gallon backpack sprayer spraying weeds, & today is lawn-mow day. Takes me about 3 1/2 hours to mow it.

    Here's a June 2016 Google Earth shot of the ranchette. Ignore the structure at far bottom-right, it's a neighbors garage. Our spring crick is shown by the greener belt along the bottom. By June, the aquatic weeds mostly hide open water. The gray area is sagebrush, & other native plants.

    aRanchette June 2016.JPG

    And some of the lawn, with me mowing.


  • @FritzRay -- wow ... so VERY wonderful!!! awwww.... 🙂

  • Go climbing 😉 My local crag..
    hiked up and soloed a nice 5.7 several times that splits the center of the white section of cliff on the left of the formation. Hence its called Center Crack . I have it dialed so its just like doing Tai Ci. Though for the firt time touching rock for the season it is always a bit engageing. 2nd lap was super normal. Generally an odd feeling transition for me from ice where I have 55cm more reach, my fingers and toes are made of steel and every hold has a huge comfy ergonomic handle on it 😉
    Nawmeann from MP was cruising up Monkey Direct. A 5 star 10b with a rather spicy start.. Center crack is about 18ft right of this shot.
    when I was done climbing I cleaned my hands with Clorox wipes as they had just climbed Center crack 15 min before I got on it. A nice three mile loop around the back side of the cliff encountering a fair bit of postholeing on the nothern exposures took me longer than usual but got me back to the van in time for dinner.
    It's been a tough scedual. leisurly morning with long telle chat with Isa, play music for an hour or so, work on the van, go for a ski or hike or both..

  • Today, instead of actually climbing, we combined mountain biking with crag hunting, with visiting (at appropriate social distance) a good friend.

    From our place downhill (on roads) to the ocean, then uphill (on a forest trail) to visit ex-Supertopian Bruce Kay. Parked the bikes at his place, walked across the street into the forest, and went looking for a crag Mari thought she had seen in that area last year. Then back to the bikes, downhill on the trail, then uphill on the road, then beer.

    The crag? Might be okay. Not very big, but easy to get to. Looks like good rock. Granite, but not much for cracks. We'll go back for a closer look and maybe discover a nice little sport crag. Or maybe not. We'll see.

    No photos of the little crag, but here's a shot of a friend on one of our local bike trails. Off his bike, but gives you an idea of what it's like here.

    Tom and his tree.jpg

  • I went soloing the last 3 days. just easy stuff that I have dialed. I never solo anything that is not 200% sure thing. Tuesday the crag was busy with idiots youngsters not social distanceing, drinking Corona beer and making Corona jokes.. I stayed as far from them as possible, wore my mask and disinfected my hands before and after every climb. I did get some cool shots of a nice couple from Kentucky that had made the migration to VT on their way to medical residency in our biggest hospital. this was their last day before entering the battle. they were on the other end of the cliff social distanceing and disenfeting their hands a lot . One of his buddys is a virologist and seems to think it could live for several days on rock if the temperatures were right.. Anyways I got some shots of them on Full Monty. A super cool 10 that I put up with Isa many years ago..

  • @NickG Looks like a good climb. What cliff is that?

  • @David-Harris said in Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?:

    @NickG Looks like a good climb. What cliff is that?

    If @NickG told ye', he'd have to kill ye'....


  • Just our local crag. Deer Leap.

  • Off to the crags today.

    The population here is so low-density that getting outdoors -- for whatever form of recreation -- is not in any way a disease spreader.

    Plan was to hike to the top, set up an anchor above a section we hadn't climbed, and I would lower Mari down to scope it out. After which she would climb back up, or prussik, if climbing proved too difficult. Turned out she got a good off-width workout, and made it up without any prussiking.

    View from the top:
    View from the top.jpg

    The usual anchor, which we didn't use:
    The top anchor.jpg

    Our anchor, above a section we weren't familiar with:
    Tree anchor.jpg

  • @David-Harris Aye! But what's fer' dinner, eh? 👍 🐕

  • Looks awesome! can you swim in that body of water?

  • @NickG said in Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?:

    Looks awesome! can you swim in that body of water?

    All the way to China.

  • How about Russia???

  • Heidi & I managed two local hikes this week In addition to much "ranchette" work.

    The more scenic hike, was down the north rim of the nearby Malad River canyon.


    Although we were hiking in a state park, we had it all to ourselves.

    I resisted Heidi's request to take another step back.


    New cracks from Idaho's 6.5 earthquake. The expanded by 4" to 6" fault line ran for about 160' on a 30' wide finger of basalt high above the Malad River.
    20200406_142741-165 ft fissure small.jpg

    Downriver view, from the sharp end-point of our hike.

  • @NickG said in Okay, we can't climb... so what to do?:

    How about Russia???

    Yeah, you could, but it would be cold. Better to swim south. Head for southern China, and then onward to Thailand. And maybe Australia.

    Which is to say, yeah, that water is the Pacific Ocean.

    But, if you hike up about 20 meters and look down the other side of the ridge you will see Lois Lake. No idea which is better for swimming, but it's a nice little crag.

  • hiked and climbed yesterday. cold and windy. only did one climb... not all that stoked on climbing unroped in wind.. I am reading Vortex... I almost never read fiction but making an exception for this one. Pretty good so far thought I don't like the criminal drama.. rather just read the climbing stories. Its well written and suspenseful but I would be more content if everyone just climbed a bunch of cool shit and lived happily ever after...

  • PS obviously I am a wuss about reading crime novels...

  • Nick? David Harris's Voxtex? I very-rarely read a crime novel, but I really enjoyed his novel. I must confess to reading about 70% science & historical fiction & 30% history & adventure stories. I'm currently 325 very-dry pages into David Cannadine's "Victorious Century. A history of England & English interactions with the world, from 1800 -1906. To relax from that, I'm re-reading one of my old 1990's fantasy-history-alternative worlds novels by Harry Turtledove. And then to relax from those two, I'm also skimming "Geology of The Silver Island Mountains of Utah," looking for something I'm interested in hiking.

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