Morning Light

  • Post up your sunrise and early morning light shots.

    RPU has an awesome Best Sunsets Evah! thread.

    I like the morning light. 🌅

    Just Another Bitchin' Day in The Monument

    Special treat for those with HD displays.






    But not too early... 🐓

  • I posted this one in another thread recently, but it definitely belongs here.

    Sunrise on the Columbia Icefield.

    Sunrise on the Columbia Icefield.jpg

  • Sunrise on Bath Rock at Idaho's City of Rocks.

    Bath rock at sunrise.jpg

    Heidi on a 6:30 A.M., 20 f. ride across Redfish Lake to go climbing on Labor Day 2012. Sunrise alpenglow on Mt. Heyburn.


  • IMG_3635.jpg

  • south and middle teton

  • April 2020 Supermoon Morning Moonset



    P.S.; @FritzRay I absolutely love your Bath Rock shot. Solo'd it many, many times to watch sunrise/set. Chicken Heads galore up to low angle slab moves that frisky things up a bit at the top out. 🌄

    One of my fave campsites bitd was just across and up the road a bit from it. You know the one. Tradition. Reminiscent of HVC's Space Station and Intersection Rock traditions. Then down the backside and back to camp fer' some chow, chow, chow! Rock on, doncha' know!

    Yer' off belay! Groove on it. 🙂

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