Driving to Colorado From SD (Ca)

  • Hey anyone know if the BLM land just outside Spingdale Utah is still a viable place? Right hand side as you head to town. Or if you might have other suggestions? Zion is booked. I can sleep in my truck but I have my daughter who snores. I can make it a little further but not by much. The Swells seem a bit far. Taking the 15.

    Thanks in advance.


  • @Skywalker
    Yes, BLM land via Sheeps Bridge Rd off the 9. If you get to the hamlet of Virgin, you've gone to far.

    And, before St George, There's some crapy spots just shortly up the dirt road that runs north of the Cedar Pocket turn off in Virgin River Gorge.

    Perhaps best, and closer to the 70 than Sheeps Bridge, is a spot a few miles further north from the 9/Zion exit. Exit off the 70 at Leads and go north on N. Main St, then left on Silver Reef Road. The road name changes to Oak Creek Road, crosses a creek bed, and within a couple miles from N. Main St there are some established car camp spots. Nice little crags w TR anchors there, too. If you start heading steeply uphill and the road narrows above a canyon, you've gone to far.

  • @WillyLoman Willy, thanks for the reply! Just looking for a place to spend the night and head out. I just hate getting sucked into the main stream nightmare. I'm just looking to throw down and be on my way.



  • @Skywalker said in Driving to Colorado From SD (Ca):

    "Zion is booked."

    Maybe not. I showed up on a weekday at the north entrance @ 4:00pm; the "Campgrounds Full" sign was out and the entrance ranger said I'd have no luck getting a site. I drove in anyway and pulled into the South Campground, the camp host said it was full but check out the Watchman Campground. That camp host said it was full, but I could stay one night in one of the group campsites (along with possibly others), then get up at 6:00am, leave my camp set up & drive to South Campground and get in line. I was fourth in line (100% dirtbaggers) and by 9:00am had a spot for five days! Drove back and grabbed my gear. The campgrounds are super convenient; a short walk to transit, the grocery store, tavern, and an outdoor shop that'll rent you waterproof shoes and pants if you want to hike the Narrows. I didn't drive my car for five days.

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