New Parent Company for RPU

  • Economic fallout from the Corona Virus Pandemic threatens the long term survival of RPU so I decided to accept a buy out offer from one of my brother-in-law's Chinese investors. Yeah, I realize this news is very abrupt. I'll update more as details are fleshed out. 🐕

  • Wow! Best wishes for your impending retirement to that island you showed me. Congrats on your good fortune!


  • Nice one..


    RPU Climber Forums Hacked

    RPU has been hacked by a Chinese Virus.

    The real@toby is working feverishly to isolate and quarantine and has asked me to help out. From the real@toby:

    10 Point Update Bulletin:

    • Please stand by and be patient. RPU will return to normal very soon.
    • In the meantime, please do continue to post and otherwise enjoy RPU.
    • Our SEO placement is better than it has ever been under the real @toby's leadership.
    • The virus cannot be transmitted via this site so there is minimal to zero chance of members becoming infected.
    • Anti virus software is free and available for anybody who may develop symptoms of infection.
    • This is no big deal. We've got it handled.
    • Do not panic. Everything is going to be alright.
    • Worst case if we cannot isolate we restore from a healthy back up and reset.

    Disclaimer: Of course we might lose some along the way, but this "collateral damage" is acceptable if necessary to mitigate further spread of the infection while protecting our SEO placement.

  • Fecal Odor Elimanator.jpg

  • @FritzRay Yes! How did you know? I knew the smell was off shortly after breakfast. Keen nose you must have to have sniffered it way over at the ranchette. 💩

  • 4/20 Update:

    Alrighty then. Now that we have those Peski Pixies back in their cages.

    10 Point Update Bulletin Update:

    The astute among you may have noted we only had eight points. That leaves two to go. Hence, without further ado, number nine is next in line:

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