Who are we ?

  • I was Tradmanclimbs.. this is now
    this was then..
    old stuff0039.jpg

  • Then....


    (Photo courtesy Greg Epperson. Thx Greg.)

    A few years back....

    (Photo courtesy Orion Phal. Thx Orion.)

  • Yeah, a long time ago...


  • resized Jeff Mathis memorial.jpg

    I am kneeling with ball cap. Marcie Messick directly behind me, Nita is left of Marcie in photo. Chicken Skinner was supposed to be in this shot as it is all past Tuolumne Meadows workers except for neebee's brother, Matt Chapman who photobombed in front of me.
    This is in Groveland, March 8 for Jeff Mathis memorial, celebration of life.
    Don Harder, far right was Mastadon on ST. Mike White in brimmed hat back row, took the iconic photo of Bridwell, Long etc after first under 24 hour El Cap climb. He just recently recieved credit and some monetary compensation for his photo.
    Pinky is back there as is many others from BITD including Howard Weemer in white beard who still is cabin tender for Ostrander ski hut and occasional poker player at our Chico poker nights.

  • another shot of then.. almost bouldered this route today but didn't because I had brand new shoes that were not feeling proper yet.. I bought them for a trip a few years ago but they didn't feel quite right so put them under the bed. all my faviorite resoles are toasted now so I dug them out today..

  • @David-Harris ,is this your made for tv whipper?

  • @terrebonne said in Who are we ?:

    is this your made for tv whipper?

    Yeah, one of them. Had to take quite a few, but it was for a good cause. Saved our country.

  • many years ago.

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