A Dog's Life Redux

  • Morning Swim



  • Toby Beach Life




  • Buster's Great Balls o' Fire


    Buster lives to round up any and all errant big red rubber balls. This dog groks all the angles. Always ready to round 'em up and herd 'em on out! Yippie yi-yo kiyah!!


    Booty pressed into service from way back in my musher days. Injured paw. Ripped out an entire toenail on a quick cut. Be prepared to bootie your dog up if need be. Remember: No foot, no dog. These must have been from my little piebald bitch, Brandy. She was a small one. Otherwise any remaining booties would have been too large for Buster Blue to use. We had two of these, still brand new condition two decades later, so were able to alternate and keep clean. Vet thought they were pretty sweet. Not sure what materials their modern day counter parts might use. 🐕

  • IMG_1315.JPG

    You have to look hard
    2 cousins
    1 boxer
    I brother

    All fe dead

  • @zBrown I dig boxers. Cool breed. Big lovers.

  • Buster's Bones...


  • Buster's Big Red Balls


    Ready, willing, and able. All day. Every day.

  • Buster Pupster




    Sure beats sleeping in a tent down that the river and not having any food to eat. Buster rules the roost now but this is a glimpse from earlier days when one of the many ways he enjoyed his newfound security was by snuggling up to "big brother". They'll each be sleeping their separate beds now. Buster likes his space and pretty much always being "on duty" while Toby loves to..... nap. 🐕

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    Susie 1955

  • IMG_5146.jpg

    Toby has no worries about being upside down on his toby mortgage. Whatsoever.

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