A Dog's Life Redux

  • @NickG said in A Dog's Life Redux:

    Just spent the lat hour pulling 18 quills out of Bernies nose. have the feeling he won'tlearn from this.

    Did you snip them with a pair of dikes first to "depressurize" them prior to pulling? Goes much easier on the dog if you do. But I have the suspicion you already knew this?

    I had a porggy come after my dogs food while they were napping which then sought refuge under my truck when they awoke. Poor Jory was full of quills. Many, many, many quills. Was not the first, nor the last. Bernie looks like a pretty tough and enthusiastic buddy - so yeah, he'll likely be game next time around as well. But maybe a bit more cautious now that he's "educated"

  • Toby Trippin'...



    Wife Genifer, Toby and Renato, an Italian foreign exchange student we enjoyed hosting some years back. Hope yer' living an interesting life, kiddo!

  • @toby
    Pretty lab!

  • @Tobia Thanks. Toby is getting up there: 12yrs old. Eye sight is going, etc. Genifer might have a b-day party for him. Toby is definitely mama's special baby puppy. 🐶 🐕

  • hey there, say, tobia... is dear dog, still with you??
    not many folks are posting here, at the moment... i will be back, later... going to work on cards, 🙂
    god bless, miss you... hope all is well!

  • @neebee
    Hey Neebee,
    No I lost her last December, it seems like yesterday.

  • @Tobia oh my, dear friend, i am sad to hear this... happy to see you, though, ... hugs and god bless...

  • This morning Toby is having a procedure done to remove a "growth" from his eyelid. We told him he was going for a day at the spa when I dropped him off this morning. I am confident Toby will be in good hands until "Mommy" fetches him up this afternoon. 🐕 🐶 🌴 🌴 🌴

  • Toby is none too psyched about being a conehead....


    Toby was sent home with some ophthalmologic antibiotic ointment and pain meds. Pretty chillaxed here yet from the sedation, hanging out w/Dad while he plays computer.

  • @toby
    I had to have a cone put on my ex-wive’s chow,(Bamboozle), when he was a puppy after the veterinarian did eye surgery on him. Poor dog couldn’t manage the steps into the house because the cone would impede his leap up.
    Toby looks like he is resting well. I hope he gets well soon!

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