A Dog's Life Redux

  • Bearnie the wonder dog.





  • @zBrown
    Being a lone wolf most of my life, I have always had a dog for a companion. The family dog when I was a youngster was considered mine (at least by me).

    I still miss my Emma, can’t get used to her not being around after 3 months since having her euthanized.

  • @Tobia Yeah. I feel your pain. On the one hand, you want/need to get another "dawg". But on the other.... we're all getting up there in years and need to be cognizant of outliving our pets.

    Cochise, the mighty apache warrior and lead dog, was also the "Last of the Mohicans", a.k.a. "Last of Team Husky". End of an era. Wanted to get another dog but Sibe's just did not feel right. Nor did anything else. Five years passed before Toby came our way. Then another couple more before the Buster Blue Rescue. And strangely... although Genifer loves both she is "done with dogs" after these two pass the rainbow bridge... I feel like I have "one more puppy in me". And kind of suspicion that will end up being a Sibe. And/or maybe a Beagle Hound. Full circles, or what?? πŸ•

    And.. Ho Man! Nora is just killin' it. Again. πŸ”ˆ πŸ”ˆ

  • @NickG Bernie looks to be a fine dawg. Indeed. πŸ• πŸ‘ ✌

    Ooh.. some melodic cello. Oooh, la, la.... and then some... 🌻 🌻 🌻 😎

  • @toby
    I would love to get another β€œdawg” but life circumstances won’t allow for it, ironic because if I ever needed a companion it would be now.

    Thanks for all you have said about Emma since her demise.

  • @NickG
    Bernie looks like he is living the good life.

  • @Tobia Bernie is wonderfull but also OMG what a change to the freedom status......

  • Dog logic:

    Dog logic.jpg

  • Just spent the lat hour pulling 18 quills out of Bernies nose. have the feeling he won'tlearn from this.

  • @NickG said in A Dog's Life Redux:

    Just spent the lat hour pulling 18 quills out of Bernies nose. have the feeling he won'tlearn from this.

    Did you snip them with a pair of dikes first to "depressurize" them prior to pulling? Goes much easier on the dog if you do. But I have the suspicion you already knew this?

    I had a porggy come after my dogs food while they were napping which then sought refuge under my truck when they awoke. Poor Jory was full of quills. Many, many, many quills. Was not the first, nor the last. Bernie looks like a pretty tough and enthusiastic buddy - so yeah, he'll likely be game next time around as well. But maybe a bit more cautious now that he's "educated"

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