Old School Party In Joshua Tree - Cancelled/Postponed

  • The plaidapollozza will be held at the Gordon Ranch on April 10th. The address in Joshua Tree is 9561 Star Lane and if you have questions you can call Todd at 760-835-1078. The entry is at least a $ 5.00 minimun to support Plaid and his climbing forays as well as Todd's new all climbers band called "Dry Heat". Climb all day in the park and then come to the slide show and party in the evening. Free Camping which is why you should contribute more than $5.00 measly bucks. Get in the mood, wear plaid and bring food to share. God willing and the creek don't rise I will be there with my dancing shoes on. If you have questions you can also first post them here and I'll try and get them answered. Cheers, Lynne

  • @LynneLeicht

    !Aye, caramba!!!

    Friday festivities planning not conducive for overland travel, must. Oh well, one way or another Team Husky shall be there in spirit 🐕 🐻 🐺 🐬 🦄

    Party on, Todd! 🍻 🎊 🎆 🎉 🍺

  • @LynneLeicht ---hey there say, lynne!! wow, i can't get there, but, say, thanks for the head's up... (is this on facebook??) ... i will send a donation, 🙂 and-- a bit of plaid. 🙂

  • Just got off the phone with Todd. This event is not a fundraiser in the vein of Gilje or Bridwell parties (which raised tens of thousands) but rather donations to cover travel expenses for the slide show and the five bucks at the door is expected to handle that so no need for additional support. Being on a Friday rather than Saturday night he's expecting a much smaller crowd than prior years as well - although I think Todd may well be surprised on that one. In any case, in light of the foregoing I am walking back my prior post.

    I shall still try to make the event though, as it will be great to swap lies w/the various dirt bags and miscreants that are sure to show up. 👍 🐕

    Party on, Wayne! 🥃

  • Update: Covid-19 Pandemic

    I just finished talking with Todd and this event is canceled or postponed due the the Covid-19 Pandemic. Todd hopes to reschedule for sometime Fall 2020, pandemic permitting.

  • BS

    Todd is not a wanker. Party on. Wish I could be there.


  • @johntp Yes, the event is canceled. Todd announced it on FB several days ago. At this point it is wise to take this Covid-19 seriously. I, as well as everyone else will miss getting the community together, but Todd is hoping to reschedule in the fall. Peace everyone, these are crazy times. Take caution, take care and prayers for this wonderful climbing campfire.

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