• @NickG Still three months from my second shot, but, on the plus side, Mari received her first today.

  • @zBrown Lol Z, you had me about to pee myself. First yer' hittin' on chicks (can we still even say think that? Let alone say it??) then yer' off to the pacemaker races. Heh. +2 for both style and humor points.

  • @David-Harris That is interesting. They seemed pretty adamant about the 3 week marker for me. But still 3 months out on your second? I guess I missed it, when was the first?

    I'd be curious to tease out whether this is medically best practice or supply/demand side driven? Kind of suspect the latter?

  • @toby I think it's a combination of many factors, probably including the desire to get a first shot into as many people as possible before starting on second shots.

    According to Dr Mari (the molecular biologist), the optimum time between shots will vary depending on both the vaccine and the virus, but might be best at 2.5 or 3 months. Supplies in Canada aren't as plentiful as in the US, so, yes, supply may be a factor in the timing.

  • @David-Harris Interesting. They really seem to push the two to three weeks thing here. Indeed, you got to commit to that second shot appointment before they will give you the first!

  • mine is exactly 28 days for my mederna shot. can't wait! hope you guys up north get better supply soon!

  • @NickG Interesting. Was initially two weeks here. Which is why I took note of them scheduling mine for exactly three weeks. Now Nick is at precisely four. Hmm.... Molecular Mari may be onto something... 🤔

    Oh yeah, I was informed it takes another two to three weeks post second shot before you've got sufficient antibody response. My nurse sis confirmed that bit, but then she is on the cardiac ward and likely just going with best info coming down the pipe at UCLA. Been a long while since I did biology but that two to three months window David mentioned above seemed to ring a bell.

  • I was given a hand out with lots of info about possiible outcomes etc. the handout suggested that 28 days was the best timeline but that several months leeway was acceptable.

  • @NickG said in Coronavirus.:

    mine is exactly 28 days for my mederna shot. can't wait! hope you guys up north get better supply soon!

    Well, this week's big news up here is that we're going to get a big upsurge in vaccine availability, so the waiting time for a 2nd shot should shrink.

  • I was curious as to how Idaho ranked in the Covid Vaxx standings and ran across this:

    Realtime U.S. COVID Risk & Vaccine Tracker

    Idaho is not only lagging the rest of the nation, comparatively, but, like education, we're in the bottom five. Fortunately for the sane among us who live here, population size and density is low enough that we have not gotten the royal spanking of other higher density states such as California, Texas, Florida and New York.

    That said, at present approximately 51% of the U.S. population has received at least one vaccination and overall the vaccinations seem to be having a fairly dramatic effect:

    As of June 1, 2021, there have been roughly 33.3 million cases and 595,000 deaths from COVID in the United States. Over the last 14 days, daily new cases have decreased by about 45% and daily deaths have decreased by about 8%.

    This site is sponsored by Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown so I expect the data to be of high veracity.

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