• @zBrown Hmm... a "study" involving a sample size of...two! No control group. Pretty much as anecdotal as you can get. Also published April of 2020. Have there been any follow up studies?

    Color me skeptical but does not mean that there maybe something there? Need some actual research.

  • I could not find any studies or follow up though there was solicitation for a study.

    There are studies of this approach in other arenas and rat lab research on NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

  • Bloody nasty

    It’s a very special picture.’ Why vaccine safety experts put the brakes on AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

    A hard call to make!

  • @zBrown Not hard at all, mate! That one has been plagued w/issues. Why was it not nuked sooner? Yet another case of politics over science? Perception being nine tenths of reality so something that looks like action is better than nothing?

    In related news, I guess I am in the next group to be able to get vaccinated. Need to catch up on the research w.r.t. the mutant variants but as of now I plan to pursue the Pfizer/BioNtech. I hear Walgreens is currently dosing seniors w/it. Hopefully the approval for storing at "warmer" temps does not affect efficacy on the mutants. Haven't seen anything on that. But also not been looking as kind of a moot point until I actually had access. 💉

  • @toby

    On again, off again. The number I got in my head was 30 cases of blood clods in 17 million vaccinations

    I have to check that stat

    I had Pfizer, but had a bad dream.

    What if the vax was not appropriately temperature controlled!⚡

  • If you vaccinate a population with a vaccine that has very low efficacy against more contagious and/or virulent emergent strains that are rampant in that population, e.g. Africa, then you're effectively applying a very strong selective pressure for those strains to become predominant, if not the only variants. Meanwhile, unsuspecting rank and file citizens are walking around, resuming life as "normal". At least for a little while. Fast forward several months, the resistant, more contagious, more virulent strains spread and you're into endemic infection of the population at large by nastier versions of the bug you'd sought to eliminate.

    Purely psychological protection and manipulation of public perception. Our "leaders" have done their jobs and saved us from the big bad wolf. In reality we have only hit some artificial "metric of success" that plays well with the media and average Joe, who then feel safe and secure in reverting to pre pandemic lifestyles, thereby setting ourselves up to provide the "enemy" with a huge advantage in the next battle in the war. Ah, you say, but technology will once again come riding to the rescue. Well, I guess that depends upon your perspective of what constitutes a "rescue". I am concerned the "end game" will be getting a seasonal flu shot in one arm and the latest and greatest guess against Covid-Sars in the other. Not a scenario I am fond of. Nor a future to be passing on to those who come after us.

    I may be misremembering but iirc, the AstraZeneca vaccine exhibits very, very poor efficacy against the African variations a substantial portion of African cases present with. Who knows what the story is with the "several" new strains discovered Stateside a few weeks back. Should people get vaccinated? Yes. But all vaccines are not created equal and hence not going to be the magic bullet that they've been billed out to be.

  • @toby

    I did not have a big choice, but Pfizer was chosen for me.

    Luck of the draw.

  • @zBrown I am told they are shooting both Pfizer and Moderna. So I guess I am luckier than you! Heh. I think I will "choose"
    the Pfizer. 💉

    The person I spoke with Thursday at my doc's office (wh/had actually rerouted to some other location) did not inspire confidence. Got to wait until Monday to try to schedule an appt. We shall see.

  • Ancient History that could have never happened?

    Teaser: The study doesn't show which animal was the source of the virus. Genetic evidence shows bats carry a closely related virus, and also suggests another, intermediate species of animal was likely infected and transmitted the virus to a human being somewhere.

    Timing the SARS-CoV-2 index case in Hubei province

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