• Study finds sharp fall in immunity after coronavirus infection

    Research raises questions about how long COVID immunity may last

    Latest data from the REACT2 study, published Tuesday, showed that in a random sample of more than 365,000 adults in the U.K. from June to September, the presence of antibodies fell for all age groups. It fell from 6 percent to 4.4 percent over that time.

    Imperial College of London Infographic

    This does not bode well for vaccine and technology super heroes riding to the rescue scenarios... 😬

  • @toby

    Researchers Discover a Second 'Key' That Makes The New Coronavirus So Infectious

  • The Trump Cult/Death Cult is but a "symptom" of the anti science movement, alive and well in this here United States. Four percent of the world population has close to one quarter of the entire spread of Covid 19 which is an often shared statistic meant to illustrate our cavalier ignorance and the opposite of what is needed to step up our game.
    Covid 21 is coming, er, I mean, just messin' with you. 😉

    'Round north of here (Chico) in Redding there is a different cult doing the Super Spreader Sundays at their "Bring the Dead Back to Life" Jamborees. At least 200+ cases in Shasta county directly traced to their church of the misbegotten.

    Locally, Nita and I continue to support downtown outdoor restaurants and indoor shops including Chico Mountain Sports where I have paid retail prices for over 30 years rather than have Amazon or bitd, REI, get richer.

    We have also felt safe and enjoyed a few long weekends in Mt Shasta and Mendocino helping their local economies in turn as I love to wine and dine and buy herbal edibles and smokes in the towns that offer that sort of thing.

  • @Alfalfa said in Coronavirus.:

    The Tr*mp Cult/Death Cult is but a "symptom" of the anti science movement, alive and well in this here United States.

    The whole anti-science thing is... I'm not sure I even have words for it.

    How is it that you can step on the brakes in your massive pickup truck and be confident that you will slow down, but question things that Tr*mp tells you to hate?

    Or what about our food? Science has given us refrigeration, so we can store food in the fridge or freezer and not die when we eat it days or months later, but when that same science tells us that masks prevent the spread of disease we respond by saying it is all a plot to turn us into government-controlled vegetables?

    Looking at the US from the outside is... well... "Bizarre" is pretty much the only word to describe what we see.

  • Pandemic on course to overwhelm U.S. health system

    Excising some political wanking and cutting to the salient bits:

    The country’s health care system is already buckling under the load of the resurgent outbreak that’s approaching 10 million cases nationwide. The number of Americans hospitalized with Covid-19 has spiked to 56,000, up from 33,000 one month ago. In many areas of the country, shortages of ICU beds and staff are leaving patients piled up in emergency rooms. And nearly 1,100 people died on Saturday alone, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

    “That’s three jetliners full of people crashing and dying,” said David Eisenman, director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters. “And we will do that every day and then it will get more and more.”

    Several top academic models paint similar pictures of gloom and doom thru the holidays:

    An “ensemble” forecast used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — based on the output of several independent models — projects that the country could see as many as 11,000 deaths and 960,000 cases per week by the end of the month. Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory suggest that the U.S. will record another 6 million infections and 45,000 deaths over the next six weeks, while a team at Cal Tech predicts roughly 1,000 people will die of Covid-19 every day this month — with more than 260,000 dead by Thanksgiving. The University of Washington model forecasts 259,000 Americans dead by Thanksgiving and 313,000 dead by Christmas.

    “Going into Thanksgiving people are going to start to see family and get together indoors,” he said. “Then the cases will spread from that and then five weeks later we have another set of holidays and people will gather then and by January, we will be exploding with cases.”

    I have been trying to talk my wife out of Turkey Day but one of the nieces is heading off to college next year, apparently never coming back, and really pressuring auntie. Rock and a hard place. This pandemic has been hard on young people. We just hear less about it cuz fewer of them are dying.

  • Happily! Utah's Republican Governor declared a mask mandate yesterday, along with a prohibition against any gatherings, other than immediate family. And there are some fines for violations.

    Even Twin Falls Idaho, may have passed a mask mandate tonight, since it's hospital is overflowing with Covid-19 sufferers.

    I feel bad for those who still choose not wear a facemask, due to their politics, or ignorance.

  • Mooaarrr Data, Igor!!!

    Some nicely presented really bad news with per state breakdowns of just how screwed. blued and tattooed we are on the Covid-19 front:

    Tracking Our COVID-19 Response

    For those who've not been paying attention: Welcome to your nightmare.


    IN an international study in Science, 10 percent of nearly 1,000 Covid-19 patients who developed life-threatening pneumonia had antibodies that disable key immune system proteins called interferons. These antibodies — known as autoantibodies, because they attack the body itself — weren't found at all in 663 people with mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 infections. Only four of 1,227 healthy patients had the autoantibodies. The study was led by the Covid Human Genetic Effort, which includes 200 research centers in 40 countries.

    "This is one of the most important things we've learned about the immune system since the start of the pandemic," said Dr. Eric Topol, executive vice president for research at Scripps Research in San Diego, who wasn't involved in the new study. "This is a breakthrough finding."

  • The problem extends beyond the plague. Yes, the plague has amplified problems already there, but...

    So, yeah, if you don't subscribe to The Economist, you should. But here is a quote from their Friday email about the state of things in the US...

    "Half of Americans say they would not take a covid-19 vaccine. Eighty-six per cent of Republicans do not think that Joe Biden’s election victory was legitimate. A fifth of Democrats and Republicans think that political violence can be justified if the other side wins a presidential election. These numbers, which we have used ourselves in our US coverage this year, are hard to reconcile with the America that most of us think we know—the country of neighbourliness and “have a nice day” courtesy..."

    Not an unreasonable summary of what you are living with.

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