• Work has been decent. outdoor framing. easy to keep my distance and wear a mask when I can't. the only problem is there is a super cool and friendly blue heeler pup there that wants to play all the time. pretty certain he is a super spreader. I wear my mask when i play with him and then wash my hands immediately after...

  • A friend (some of you may remember him as "Survival" on ST) shared the following with me via FB. Seems pretty appropriate in this thread.

    David Dausey
    21h ·
    This will be the last thing I write publicly about coronavirus. Thank you to those of you who have liked and shared my posts in the past.
    Over 20 years ago, I began doctoral studies in epidemiology and public health at Yale with the desire to help others. My grandmother, who smoked her entire life, died well before her time because of lung cancer. My uncle, who suffered multiple head traumas from not wearing a helmet on his motorcycle, died prematurely from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. My cousin, who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, was put into an early grave leaving two young children without a father.
    I entered public health to prevent these types of tragic premature deaths.
    A central tenant of public health is the belief in prevention. We work to identify the risk factors for morbidity and premature mortality and then educate the public on how to avoid those risks. Cholera and dirty water, smoking and lung cancer, diet and exercise and heart disease are just a few examples.
    Watching the events of coronavirus unfold makes me feel as if my studies in public health were all for naught. There is a defiant, belligerent ignorance in the U.S. that makes educating the public nearly impossible and renders many public health interventions futile. Social media only makes it worse as greedy people cash in on misinformation and produce clickbait to line their pockets.
    A large number of additional people will needlessly suffer long-term health consequences or death from coronavirus. The largest reason will be that simple public health guidance such as wearing a face mask and staying 6 feet apart is too much of an inconvenience for too many.
    To those who continue the good fight—may you not lose hope. To those who believe this is all made up—may the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Sad news. I wish I had something optimistic to share, other than that Heidi & I are "hunkered-down" & healthy.

  • Today I went to post office and the clerk asked me to touch to confirm address, when since pandemic hit in this region they would do all touch but debit PIN on their side.

    I balked simply from habit and was told they've been directed to begin transitioning back to our touching....

    In my head I shouted "Ya KIDDING me? The country is RAGINGand it's only care and caution that are holding back another surge in our region!"

    Government/Big Business trying to fool us into thinking it's all just hunky dory. At our expense.

  • @David-Harris I just read this and I have tears in my eyes. Having spent many years in healthcare I understand his heart. Please thank him for his honest words.

  • @LynneLeicht Hi Lynne -- Believe me when I say I would thank him if I knew him. But I don't. His post was forwarded to me by Bruce (Survival).

    And, fwiw, that "defiant belligerent ignorance" he talks about may be more common in the US, but it occurs everywhere.

  • Sadly, large groups of Americans with little or no science background, appear ready to believe anything they see on social media. Click the link for more, besides this quote.

    "A seemingly obscure Capitol Hill press conference by a fringe group of self-proclaimed medical experts quickly became on Monday the most widely seen propaganda video about the coronavirus, after Breitbart News livestreamed it on Facebook. The post racked up tens of millions of views across social media in a matter of hours, far surpassing the traffic of the infamous “Plandemic” disinformation video."

  • @FritzRay Here is a link to another analysis of that small group of "medical experts" with a focus on the bizarre beliefs of one of them in particular (she says, for example, that many gynecological problems are caused by women having sex with demons in their dreams).

    Needless to say, she is the one who has been particularly promoted by your president.

    (Note that the link above leads to the world news pages of a safe-to-visit site. NDTV is a big English-language news service in India, and the article is originally from the Washington Post newsfeed.)


    SARS-CoV-2 particles have proteins called spikes protruding from their surfaces. These spikes latch onto human cells, then undergo a structural change that allows the viral membrane to fuse with the cell membrane. The viral genes then enter the host cell to be copied and produce more viruses.

    Several potential vaccines now under development are designed to trigger the human body to produce antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Antibodies that recognize and bind to the spike protein will hopefully block the virus from infecting human cells.

    The researchers first isolated antibodies that could bind to the receptor binding domain (RBD), a crucial region on the virus’s spike protein. They then tested whether the antibodies could neutralize SARS-CoV-2—that is, bind to the virus and stop infection.

    Most participants had low or very low levels of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Only 1% of the study participants had high levels of antibodies that could neutralize the virus.

    To examine the range of antibodies made, the researchers isolated the cells that produce antibodies—memory B cells—from the plasma of six selected participants with very high to moderate levels of neutralizing antibodies. Even in those with modest neutralizing activity in their plasma, the team found potent antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 RBD. Surprisingly, neutralizing antibodies from different people showed remarkable similarity.

    Colorized scanning electron micrograph of a cell (red), isolated from a patient sample, that is heavily infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (yellow). NIAID Integrated Research FacilityIMG_6868.JPG

  • I appreciate the discussions below. I personally am thinking in my mind how we can get out of this mess as much of you are. I continuously see those who feel nothings wrong. Everything is wrong. My gosh I go out of my way to try and be part of the solution only to see 50% of people not.

    I haven't been flying (paragliding) because I need a shuttle or just need to hike and fly and no-one is on board with how to stay safe. I'm going crazy. Anyone else?

    S... You don't have to answer...

  • @Skywalker I think most here feel your pain - a minority of selfish and willfully ignorant "My Body, My Choice" covidiots are acting as "Super Spreaders" and dragging the Covid-19 Pandemic out ad infinitum. Moreover, and adding insult to injury, these covidiots seem to relish getting up close and personal with those who are following best practice recommendations. I was physically accosted by two such lamers earlier this week whilst trying to exit store. I saw them approaching to enter, read their intent not to give way, even though I was closer to the doors so backed off several feet, only to have them head straight toward me and throw an elbow/shoulder into me on their way by. Wearing a mask and being slight of build is akin to painting a target on yourself when it comes to these idiots, many of whom are now making a religious war out of the "nothing worse than a common cold" dogma.

    Stay home and shelter to the extent one is able just doesn't cut it as long as these covidiots are allowed to endanger the rest of our lives with impunity. What to do?

    I came up w/a couple tactics:

    1. Carry my knife with me, pull it and pretend to be cleaning my fingernails when I note mask-less covidiots heading my way. Perhaps intimidation will make them think twice? Else maybe make them think I am just that crazy? Downgraded strategy borrowed from an acquaintance w/a concealed carry permit. Invites escalation, however, so I opted for Tactic #2

    2. Do not shower for three or four days. Let you hair look unkempt. Wear dirty clothes. Basically, reek and look like a bum, thereby greasing the skids on the physical distancing front.

    Heh, only did this once, more for my own amusement than else. But hey... it definitely did have an impact. And I got a chuckle. Ponder this and break it down: body odor and unkempt look are taken more seriously than a deadly virus.

    Welcome to the thoroughly dumbified USA! Yippie yi-yo kiyah!!!

  • A dram in exchange for the pox.jpg

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