Donini & the Mountain Holy Man.---a dream within a dream

  • A few years back, Heidi shook me awake around 2:00 A.M. on New Year’s Eve, and informed me I had been whining, shaking, and obviously having a vivid dream, or nightmare.

    I gathered myself for a few minutes, and the dream came back to me. I then swore a mental vow to never again consume roasted “hair-on” skunk for a New Year’s Eve dinner.

    In the dream, I dreamed, I was Donini, having a significant dream------------

    It was looking like the route would go cleanly to the top of the 17,777 ft. spire in Szechuan, and Jim Donini was smiling as he scampered up the vertical 5.10 D jamcrack, that appeared to be the final lead.
    Suddenly, a chill ran up his spine and he hesitated as he felt the nearby presence of -------something!!!
    It was waiting---------- just above him on the summit!!
    Jim quickly thought through his options and decided to confront whatever was waiting, in a properly prepared manner.
    As the crack ended, Jim lunged up and over onto a ledge, then somersaulted forward, while drawing his ice-hammer, and landed on his feet, poised and ready for action.

    The saffron-robed Holy man seated in front of him clapped his hands in glee, and then bowed deeply from his full lotus stance.
    “Namaste Donini,” he said in a melodious voice.
    “I have traveled long to meet you in a suitably mountainous setting.”

    After Donini composed himself, he replied: “Namaste.”

    “I find myself somewhat surprised at your presence here.” “Did you helicopter in when you found out where I was climbing?”

    The holy man sighed and replied: “I was delayed by disharmonious convergences when I attempted to meet you last summer in Tajikistan, but my powers are somewhat stronger in these mountains.”

    “I levitated here yesterday, then meditated, drank a little fine red wine, & did some light-streching, while awaiting your esteemed presence.”

    “I am somewhat of a Mountain holy man.”

    “Well then Holy Man,” said Donini, “since it appears that you have put some effort into arranging this meeting, what are your wishes?”

    Again the Holy Man bowed deeply, then looked keenly at Donini and said: “I wish to trade some of my knowledge & powers, that might be useful to you, in return for instruction on how you manage to climb so well at such an advanced age, cultivate such esteemed friends, and enjoy such an advanced lifestyle.”

    “I would also appreciate some hints on stocking my wine cellar in Tibet.”

    Donini, thought for a few seconds, then replied: “Very Well, but there are other climbers in my group, waiting below, and I believe a storm is approaching.” “Perhaps we can continue our meeting in a more hospitable environment? “

    The holy man again sighed, and replied, “I must confess, that my activities are not sanctioned by the Chinese authorities, and it may be dangerous, to all of us, to meet in public in China.”

    “Is there another place we might meet, without governmental snooping, where the altitude is proper, the air is clean, and our spirits might soar in learning new attributes?”

    Donini thought for a few seconds, then said: “How do you feel about rural Idaho in the U.S.?”

    To his surprise! “The holy man replied: “Idaho! I love Idaho! It is the Tibet of America, with just a little more buried nuclear radiation & un-enlightened beings, than I would prefer. “

    Donini bowed, & replied: “Idaho it is!” “We will meet one summer, after I have my friend FritzRay arrange a properly propitious meeting place, replete with challenging climbs, and fine wines.”

    “What’s your email?”

    At this point in my dream/nightmare, Heidi kicked me into wakefulness.

    Sorry, but we are still-waiting to hear from the Holy-man.

    Perhaps, after the next presidential election?

    Donini, in his well-used Ford van. City of Rocks Idaho 2010

    Donini van IMG_2398.jpg

  • @FritzRay -- wow, and oh my! say, it is SO VERY VERY wonderful that you such a wonderful 'alarm clock' as heidi, to WAKE you, when you are 'alarmed' 🙂

    hugs to you and heidi...
    and, to 'better holiday meals' 😉

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