This little gem will have to wait...

  • for next year. Gear in place....unclimbed but not too formidable, but damn...I’m not 75 anymore!


  • `
    Yo,@JD43 ! Awesome thanks so much ! !

    This post is with all due respect :
    ya gentic nu-species
    mutant Woo-Ha 'n Hur-Rah!


    You have your projects ! I have to marvel at there supremacy. I have some dirty bumps, that entice me.

    rethinking the overly effervescent reply?
    A post too far - seemingly?
    About the removal of my dirty bumps that lie in the depths of the Connecticut hills just a mile from the interstate ?
    They will be there and I'm making plans. I hope to coral a rope-gun but if young knees won't show, I'll be the youngster taking the lead.


    Yes ! Sir, it is Sir D!
    @FritzRay Still plenty sharp & Fast on the up-take,.

  • Can it be? Do those iniitials & a remote snowy peak add up to our most-fav senior?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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