2020 Usage Stats

  • For those interested and/or intrigued by such things... 2020 usage stats to date graph works I threw together for RPU. Remember to always take with a dose of salt....


    Party on, Wayne! 🥃 🍻

  • @toby? Do you have any guesses on what causes the sudden peaks in unique visitor & bot visits to Redpoint?

  • Hey, if you wany to run some tests to see what effect / or if you can highlight the change in respones

    some of us could try to see what effect the results of pimping the RU to the "Project, Facplant, Teton Gravity, where ever we're "singed-up"
    We could cordinate group actions here.

  • @The-Gnome Appreciate the enthusiasm but.... nah... just tossed this up from the whatever it may be worth department. But I should elaborate a bit on my read:

    • Rag tag crew of registered users persist in checking out RPU regularly. Not too much flux in this grouping.

    • Unregistered users: Rag tag crew that persist in checking out RPU who either do not have accounts or do not bother to login. A bit more flux here.

    • Bots: bot traffic ebbs and flows quite a bit, oft correlated to some political or social media latest and greatest really big shoe in the 24x7 Newstream.

      • Googlebot: Thundering Herd several times per day. Invents own rules w.r.t. bot behavior and management.
      • Bing: Indexes RPU regularly, multiple times per day but respects robots.txt. More or less...
      • Bunches and bunches of independently operated bots, many of which do not respect robots.txt, targeting various sectors such as "business intelligence, cyber marketing warfare, etc.". We block a lot of these bad puppies but there are so many jackals and hyenas creepin' the web that some sneak thru, harvest and scrape RPU.
    • Unique Visitors: An interesting measure. Ranging from a low of just below 400 to a high of almost 1000. Fair degree of correlation with "Page Views Guest". As one might suspect. Bots employing tracking cloaking also likely contribute to this measure.

    But then wtf do I know, eh? Just a few shootin' from the hip haphazard guesses.

    Alrighty, then. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....

    Peace-- 🐕 ✌

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