XC sking

  • Mostly what I do these days. The snow was a bit sticky yesterday...

  • Did you have the wrong wax on, or are those no-wax skis?

  • Isa is on Fish scales/. it was 0% c I was using V60 red. It was fun but slow on the downhills, I could kick and glide fine on the flat but any time you went up hill for an extended time I balled up big time and any time you stood still you had to scrape the skis to get going again. Isa had the same experience on her fish scales. I doubt extra blue would have given me any kick as even with special red I would slip backwards going up hill unless I stomped my skiis which got them to stick but started the balling process instantly. Fun outing but not fast...

  • Is this the thread where we finally learn the answer to the ultimate XC skiing question -- "What wax works on pine needles?"

  • Too technical for me

    I just like lookin' at the pictures

  • did about a 15k loop this afternoon through the fields and woods. Right out my back door. Snowmobile trail freshly groomed but its a rather obscure section of trail so almost never busy with actual snowmobiles. usually just me and the moose.

    Did some bushwhacking to make my ski a loop.
    Top of the ridge as the full moon rose behind me.
    Forgot my headlamp but it worked out fine.

  • beautiful morning.
    Skinned up Mt wish I could tell ya.
    The local crew has a hut.
    Our friend John who invited us.
    the food was stellar.
    The drinkers and smokers suffered terribly on the 2nd run.
    some folks ripped it.
    A great time was had by all 🙂

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