XC Skiing

  • Mostly what I do these days. The snow was a bit sticky yesterday...



  • Did you have the wrong wax on, or are those no-wax skis?

  • Isa is on Fish scales/. it was 0% c I was using V60 red. It was fun but slow on the downhills, I could kick and glide fine on the flat but any time you went up hill for an extended time I balled up big time and any time you stood still you had to scrape the skis to get going again. Isa had the same experience on her fish scales. I doubt extra blue would have given me any kick as even with special red I would slip backwards going up hill unless I stomped my skiis which got them to stick but started the balling process instantly. Fun outing but not fast...

  • Is this the thread where we finally learn the answer to the ultimate XC skiing question -- "What wax works on pine needles?"

  • Too technical for me

    I just like lookin' at the pictures

  • did about a 15k loop this afternoon through the fields and woods. Right out my back door. Snowmobile trail freshly groomed but its a rather obscure section of trail so almost never busy with actual snowmobiles. usually just me and the moose.


    Did some bushwhacking to make my ski a loop.


    Top of the ridge as the full moon rose behind me.


    Forgot my headlamp but it worked out fine.

  • beautiful morning.


    Skinned up Mt wish I could tell ya.


    The local crew has a hut.


    Our friend John who invited us.


    the food was stellar.



    The drinkers and smokers suffered terribly on the 2nd run.



    some folks ripped it.



    A great time was had by all 🙂

  • We decided as a family that XC skiing would be something we could all enjoy together. We were right! (I'm having a hard time adjusting to setting track with 65mm skis, where's my Huascarans!?!)



    Beartooth Butte in background




    Hunter Peak


    Pilot and Index Peaks

  • beautiful shots! shure looks like the ski track/ snowmobile trail? goes pretty close to piolet? maybe its more solid in winter????

  • @NickG The groomed road is the highway from Pilot Creek to Cooke City. It brings you within a couple miles of Pilot/Index. Tons of snowmobile traffic, but a good intro for the kids.
    There is an appealing mixed line up the east rib (just climbers left of the rib, there is a series of pillars and snow patches), but the top is still problematic. Probably why it waits an ascent.

  • fresh snow sat and sunday. we went for a ski and found a bunch of Ramps. IMG_4711.jpg


  • Night time ski before todays thaw.


  • Finally the snowmobile trail cat came through and broke trail for my XC ski adventures... Not sure why they didn't groom for me.... ?

  • Big Christmas rain and wind storm took all our snow and blew dawn a bunch of trees. Did a ton of trail work today. still lots more to do.




  • One good day of trail clearing deserves another. We don't have any of that white stuff though...

    Trail clearing.jpg

  • @NickG And I have to confess that we were not clearing blowdowns from a ski trail. No, we were working on a new mountain bike trail.

    If you want to ski around here, you have to gain a fair bit of elevation to get to the snow. Riding, on the other hand, is a year-round pleasure.

  • Prior to Thanksgiving I took a gamble to ski at Tahoe Donner with Delhi Dog and friend, Marty after first storm of season. Great day for a mere 6 inches.
    Marty used to groom the trails here but now commutes to Royal Gorge to work the same gig. Great social d sport.
    Delhi was here for spell to receive his New Delhi gear after COVID lockdown in Romania where he was seeing his first grandkid and ending with move with wife to Brasilia Brazil. The dude gets around, he just wrote from the United Arab Emirates enroute back to Brazil.

    resize delhi dog ski pre thnksging.jpg

  • we got another inch last night... qualifies as huge freshies this year.....


  • More trail work today...


  • yay! we got some snow!


    My sister came over and skied with us. Snow was sticky so had to scrape and re wax.




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