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  • Toker is on here so thought I would post some shots of BINTD stuff I keep in my dads old footlocker in the woodshed.
    pulled out all my old pistol trophys and took a posterity shot. Somehow the conversation turned to pistol shootng a few weeks ago and I looked up the 1989 and 90 USPSA national championships and watched some of my old friends shoot . A few of them were actually on the super /gold squad. I used to shoot several times a month with Russ and Debbie James and Mark Mazotta. Tom Cample from S&W was at my cabin using my range for a seminar one time. I shot the Miller Invitational in 90 and 91 with all the big shots. Jerry Barnhart, Rob Letham, Jerry Micklik, etc. pretty cool experience. Anyways watching those old films got me interested in having a look in the old footlocker...
    only won two sanctioned matches after I made A class... probably why I quit. It got super hard to win being in A class and shooting a single stack .45acp with iron sights. everyone had switched to high capacity and optical sights.. would have cost a bundle to catch up..... so I quit pistol shooting and went back to climbing...

  • Ah, man, your post is bringing back memories.

    I think gunfire is in my DNA. My father grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan way back when, and, with career options somewhat limited, joined the Canadian Air Force when he finished high school (1936). Got his wings, but spent most of his military career as a gunnery instructor -- teaching aircraft gunners to blow other planes out of the air.

    He stayed in for a couple of years after the second world war, but, Canada being a civilized country, was able to go back to school with the help of veterans' benefits, and entered family practice as an MD in 1954.

    But, pacifist though he was, he never forgot his time on the farm or in the military, and taught me to shoot when I was (I think) seven. BB gun first, but on to the real stuff not long after. And by the time I was 13, I was an instructor at... are you ready for this... "The Saskatoon Police Boys Rifle Club."

    It pretty much ended ten years later. When I moved to Vancouver I gave all my rifles to an old friend, and, other then going to a local pistol range and busting a few caps with one of my writer friends, haven't fired a shot in decades.

    But here I am living back in the non-urban world and it just might be time to... hmmm... maybe a picture would be appropriate


    Two months ago, in late November, we headed up a logging road to where Mari thought there might be a cliff worth checking out. We were eventually blocked by some impenetrable jungle, but part way up the road on the approach we saw the remains of someone's elk. Not much there except the spine in the photo plus four lower legs and a head.

    I suppose I could fill my freezer with venison by just hanging out in my yard with a wall hammer and clubbing deer, but obviously there are other options and maybe it's time to buy a rifle and get back into it.

  • hey there, say, wow... nickg-- i am not much interested in guns, but, wow, the FOOTLOCKER old memories, from dad, is priceless... thanks for sharing...

  • The pistol and leather live in the house/ safe but all the trophies went back in the foorlocker...

  • Well I tried to reboot the Taco "skeered" thread here yesterday but apparently it was deleted (??)

    If I could reliably post photos here I'd show a photo of my latest acquisition; "the Austrian", a Steyr in .308 with double set triggers and Swarovski 25X but sorry, it is too frustrating

    ten shot 1.4" group dead center at 200 yards

    I'm actually hanging out on a gun forum more than here and MP.

  • Ron it was so cool watching those old you tubes of the 1989 and 90 USPSA national Championships. I would have been qualified to have gone but couldn't afford the trip. Miller Match was my big hurrah. I had such a ball doing that stuff but it just drains money. My ammo budget for the whole week would be 1k rounds and the really good shoots would do that every day. Not happening on a line cooks salary… I had some sponsorship but not nearly enough. Just to stay in the game I would have needed new gun, new mags, new leather, new dies, new brass. Could have been a contender.... I imagine that you train enough that you are still sharp . I am rusty as heck. I trained a little bit for a few weeks two years ago and got to about 50% of where I was. … deep in the back of my mind I fantasize about putting a reflex sight or whatever the current competition sight is on the Kilham custom...

  • the good news is that I can still get my old gunbelt on... just barely... 😉

  • @Toker-V! Not to worry. Management moved your "skeered" thread to the Big Questions category, where it is thriving. https://forums.redpointuniversity.com/topic/272/skeered

    And as long as photos are 1.5 mb or smaller, they are easy to post here. When you are posting something, look at the icons above your reply & click on the one fartherest right that is a black blob with a white arrow. From there you should be able to find & post a photo from your computer.

    My 6" barrel S&W 22 that I bought as a senior in high school. I still carry it as a desert hiking pistol. I confess to not having shot it in about 5 years, but 30 years ago I killed a jackrabbit at 100 yards with one shot. And no! I don't eat jackrabbit, unless I'm starving & I wasn't.

    Photo in "middle of nowhere" Nevada, last fall, a little bit before my 70th birthday.


  • I still have my Ruger Secuity six .357 that I bought when I was 18. shoot it several times a year. still accurate and the action is like butter. never been worked but my gunsmith (bintd when I had a gunsmith) asked me who did the action job. It was just lots of use that smoothed out what must have been pretty decent from the factory...

  • I dunno, succeeded once then failed 3 times. I hate computers.
    Could send them to you.

    Nick I spent 3 summers at my ranch and when I woke (always to one sound only, the singing of birds) I would put some hot water on and grab my CZ and 5 loaded 20 rounders.

    I would run drills on an array of steel targets.

    When friends and even contractors ask if they can use the targets I told them they would have to beat me at the dueling post. I only lost when I got cocky and handicapped myself with an STI 9 single stack or a 6 shot .45 acp revolver against somebody's hicap 9.

    I let the losers shoot anyway though.

  • I love shooting steel. absolute favorite. a few years ago I dusted off my gear, rebuilt one of my swinging targets and and offered some free classes at our local shooting range. I gave up on the classes after the 2nd one. Just too fcking scary. 99% or rednecks can't handle a pistol safely. every single one of them would have been DQ'ed from a real match in the first 5 min. I had to tell that president of the clubs wife that tat she was done for the day and needed private lessons. that didn't go over well but it was the only sane decision to keep someone from getting hurt. She had a huge double stack sig .40 that was too big for her hands and she didn't even know how to drop the hammer and put the thing on safe. was not strong enough to work the slide without having her muzzle break the 180.. the whole experience was disturbing. anyways there was a rich dude there who was super into IDPA and had all the latest gear. I did set up a nice assault stage and spanked him with my old .45 single stack and iron sights.

  • A few years before I had my own place to shoot I was at the range and, during a "cease fire" for people to tend their targets, after resetting my pistol targets I turned to see a woman taking a bead on my head with her finger on the trigger!!!

    I said, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?"

    She said, "Don't worry the safety is on."

    Freaking rednecks indeed. I should have severely beat her with that rifle.

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