• Bought another 100 shares of Boeing at $314

    20% of the market is reason and the rest is emotion.

    They have to get ALL the pilots through scarce simulators.

    But once the fix is in and the CEO takes his entire family for a flight I think that the 5+ years worth of back orders will encourage investment and it could go over $500 before 2022.

    Think I'm crazy?

    Go back and look at my prediction on 2/14/18 on the skeered thread.
    The Dow was at 24893 and I said it could hit 30K by 2020

    This week it briefly went over 29,300
    I may be off by less than a month yet.

  • The stock market enjoyed a fairly large drop today, which pundits are blaming on fears of the Corona Virus outbreak & its possible effects on the world economy. I was curious about what previous disease outbreaks had done to markets & found various articles online. This one had a little more hard information than most.

    Epidemic & 12-month % change of S&P 500 Index
    HIV/AIDS June 1981 -10.73%
    SARS April 2003 +20.76%
    Avian flu June 2006 +18.36%
    Swine flu April 2009 +25.96%
    Ebola March 2014 +10.44%

    Thanks to Market Watch

  • Thinking multifactorially mind you

    What else was happening?

  • @zBrown! I don't remember any great problems during those years noted. Per this graph of the S&P 500 Index during those years, the big dips were 2001 - 2003 & 2008. There is always a reason for a stock market sell-off, but sometimes those reasons seem slightly arcane to those of us not tuned-in.

    Market 1980 - 2014.JPG

  • Well this was a rough week, but I didn't lock in any losses.

    In the end though, without a serious pandemic, man will destroy the biosphere.

  • U.S. stock markets were down sharply last week due to fears of the Corona virus & what it might do to world economies. Per this report this morning, I'm starting to think the pessimists may have it right?

    "But the toll keeps mounting at an ever-increasing pace, with health authorities on Saturday saying 46 more people had died in the preceding 24 hours, all but one in Hubei Province, China.
    Another 2,102 new infections were also confirmed, bringing the total to nearly 12,000 -- far higher than the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak of 2002-03.
    SARS, which is caused by a pathogen similar to the new coronavirus and also originated in China, killed 774 people worldwide -- most of them in mainland China and Hong Kong.
    The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a global emergency on Thursday but later warned that closing borders was probably ineffective in halting transmission and could accelerate the virus's spread."

  • Long term investment: undeveloped real estate. Preferably in low property tax bracket. Then think decades... 🥃

  • Well my Sprint nearly doubled today so I sold.

    The people that shorted Tesla aren't licking their wounds. They are dealing with the stumps of amputated limbs. Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered.

  • @Toker-V Yeah? I have some long held S that I maybe should exit. Thx.

    Edit: Ah, I see, merger w/T actually approved. Mind numbing.

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