The Awesome ART Thread

  • @jgill

    Awesome. Please do continue sharing these unique blends of mathematics and artistic expression. 👍

  • IMG_5811 (4)RPU-1.JPG

    IMG_5811 (3).JPG

  • tk web2.jpg

    Colored pencil of TK or tiny kitten.

  • @terrebonne

    Nice one. Your work? I have no talents along such lines but envy those who do.

    Note: I edited in a line break to get your Colored pencil text below the image. So, just add a line break after the Markdown and you'll achieve the desired results o/

  • @toby
    Yes, it is my work. I am not a natural at this but given enough time I get the results I desire, or close to it anyway.

  • I love the kitty

    Did not post it anywhere

    Bit showed it to a friend

  • Whooping Crane (mixed media)

  • @terrebonne ... say, i really love your 'kitty work' ...

    also, i can't post a lot here, fast, so-- i am adding this for
    L -- wow, i sure love that crane...

    well, i will get back, and show some art, in the soon future...
    have been very busy, to help that friend of mine (local, age 96) ...

    had busy yard time, too, for about three days...
    will painting again, soon as i can...

    wow-- put it off a WHOLE year-- hard to believe, 🔛
    well, hey there, say... to zbrown and all you all, ...
    miss you all!

    happy art, happy climbs, happy cats and dogs, until i get back over...

    happy good eve, and a hearty god bless to you all!

    SAY, fritzRay... (hope i remembered that right)
    wow, say, i LOVED that ibex pic, in the random photos
    thread!! really neat! 🙂

  • @neebee

    Hey @neebee

    Prepending a member's username with an "@" serves up the awesome sauce. Ooh, la, la!!

    For example: Hey @FritzRay, cool pic! Upon next login, @FritzRay will get an alert that they were mentioned by @toby.

    But wait! There's more: When @FritzRay clicks on said notification he will hyper travel via prism directly to this post. No bushwackin' required.

    But wait! Yet more awesome sauce: @FritzRay is now highlighted and offers yet more hyper travel to his profile for those who may want to 'suss out his other posts and such. Builtin GPS. No bumblin' about.

    But wait! We ain't done yet! Got a serving for the OP as well. Once you type the "@" and the first character or two, autocomplete kicks in and offers a pop up window of members who match what you've typed thus far. If your heart's desire is already highlighted: Hit Enter to select and climb on! Heart's desire not in the pop up list? Type another character or two to further refine the autocomplete search. Time saver for speed climbers. ⏳

    Cool, eh? 😎

  • are we reposting images that we had already posted to ST?

  • @Big-B

    Why not? Different place, different time, and all the photos that weren't on TRs are gone anyway.

    Just like the Taco, may it rest in peace.

    Post 'em up, friend!😁

  • @Big-B

    Well... seeing how ST is preserving text only and deleted all those 350K images... I would expect so 😜

    Please post them in appropriate threads and categories though. For e.g., it would be sub optimal to degrade the signal/noise ratio in the "Awesome Art" thread with images that find more comfy bivvies in e.g. Random Photo thread or Trip Reports category.

    If we get a lot of historical stuff, I will entertain creating a dedicated category for such, but as of now the community consensus seems to favor a fairly spartan approach so as not to become "too cluttered".

    Enjoy! 🐕

    P.S.; Please don't post copyrighted images though. See Images: Copyright, Fair Use, & Public Domain for more info on this. Thank you.

  • A Very Large, Ledge'd, Cool Kitty

    IMG_5198 (2).JPG

    Cross Posting from the "Random Photos" thread & it will be showing up in the "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.....the Cat Thread" too.

  • @The-Gnome

    Very cool Kitty!

  • For our 5th wedding anniversary present, I contacted Tami Knight (Cartoonist extraordinaire & creator of the Avalanche Poodle cartoon) for an original piece of art, just on the off chance she would be open to a commission.

    She wrote back and said that she would be happy to do an original painting for us!

    She had been following our adventures on Supertopo, it seemed, so I left it up to her brilliant, irreverent mind to create something appropriate for us.

    I can't help but grin every time I walk by this piece -it's perfect - thanks Tami! I did the frame from re-purposed fence-boards:

    Tami Knight painting 1024X.jpg

  • @MisterE

    That is unbelievably coooooool! And so perfect for the two of you.

    An original Tami Knight....most people would sell their grandmothers for something like that.

    You know, Tami was one of the best things about the Taco. When she walked away and pulled her posts, it was like the beginning of the end.

    And you have a piece of the former greatness! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us.

  • I miss Tami's wit & wisdom! She dropped off ST about a year before its end. I think I might still have her email from buying books from her, but those here who are closer to her, please invite her back to this forum!

  • @The-Gnome ... love that cat art, thank you kind.y... happy good eve, to all... hope to be back, later ...

  • Some "temporal-art" Heidi & I created this week. It will be gone with next-year's spring runoff.


  • @FritzRay Nice one, Fritz! Awesome original art! Love it! 👍

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