The Awesome ART Thread

  • @johntp -- oh, i loved doing these... thanks for the wonderful memory path... >:D<

  • @Alfalfa said in The Awesome ART Thread:

    quite a run of cool stuff lately. Neebee gets a big nod, Tami too and now Happiegrrrl has some new cool offerings.
    Nita and I pedaled over to our local art museum in Chico and took this photo so Erik, aka Mr E could share with his wife, Skip, aka Justthe maid as she is an excellent stained glass artist. Unfortuenately he left this site for unkown reasons soon after this was up and running. Erik, come on back brother.

    No doubt. JTM and Erik would be good additions to this crew.

  • Although Heidi has a fine arts degree & is very artsy, I've often proclaimed my lack of artiness. However, it turns out I have a talent for balancing rocks, & in spite of myself, have been told I'm "artsy," due to my occasional ability to creat stone men aka Inukshuks.

    It first surfaced during our 1976 "sufferfest" on & near Mt. Deborah in Alaska's Hayes Range. I had been very impressed with a reconstruction of a Native American Inukshuk in a Victoria BC anthropology museum a couple years earlier.
    Inukshuk Mt. Deb 1976Mt.jpeg

    I created a similar Inukshuk in deepest Idaho about 1982.
    Ray Buff Hump.jpg

    When we bought our 5 acre "ranchette" in 1991, I suddenly had a bunch of columnar basalt for arms & legs, but a small cliff top for a platform. I started with Herman, then built the biggest one Franz, then added Brunhilde, & finally Katz the stoned cat.


    120207 006.jpg

    Here's a backside photo of the Inukshuks with Heidi at left during the big 2006 fire which burned most of the Owyhee desert to our west.
    Fire Inukshuks small.jpg

    On the way up towards Everest Base Camp, on Halloween 2005, my pal Gordon & I constructed this somewhat more intricate Inukshuk.
    nepal 2006 Inukshuk260.jpg

  • Tami sent me this when I moved to Little Rock. Iff'n there are any Tami toon fans out there, she has some stuff in the works. Guffaw!

    Tami AR Move.jpg

  • @johntp How cool is that? Personalized Tami Knight one of a kind. Can't put a price on that, way cool share and just showed to Nita.
    Trick or treaters are thinning out, last one was my buddy and gf and delivered a shot of single malts plus bag of candy. Happy Halloween!

  • Speaking of spaceships. Our metal artist friend is visiting for the weekend & he brough Heidi one.

    We lit it up last night for Halloween.


    This morning.



  • @FritzRay

    Pretty cool. Metal sculptors can do wild stuff with odds and ends.

  • 😴 😴 😴

  • While I didn't make this instrument, I appreciate it for its playability, sound, but also its artisitc beauty. Those who do such fine woodwork have my respect!

    sunset mando.jpg

    mando 109.jpg

    mando closeup.jpg

    mando portrait.jpg

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