The Awesome ART Thread

  • Post up your original fabulous creations!

    Here's my Dolphin Dance...mixed media on canvas

  • Nice. Been a long, long while since I body surfed with dolphins. Thanks for the jogging some fond memories 🐬

  • We have quite bit of original art.

    Hands down,one of my favorites is my T.Moran acid etching from 1883 - given to me by my mother.

    TMoran Yosemite 1024X.jpg

  • L, that's very cool. Great colors. And the outlet in the lower right gives us a sense of scale. It's quite large.

    I had a friend, my first serious climbing partner in Ca., who photographed art professionally. Art exhibit catalogs, museum stuff, and the like. He was especially good at sculpture. Anyway, he always managed to get something in the picture to give that sense of scale.

  • @ksolem Yeah, I noticed that wall plug too. Gave me that sense of scale that took me back to a particularly special day at Black's Beach.

  • Thanks you guys. That's very kind of you.

  • Meditating Buddha (4'x4' acrylic on canvas)

  • What is he meditating on?

  • Very nice, L,Aura. I am not an artist so nothing of mine to share but I love art. I just saw the Miro retrospective at the NY MOMA. Worth a trip to the big Apple just for that.

  • @Alfalfa Thank you. Love the MOMA. They do a great job with everything they present.

  • LBEXP325b.jpg

    Just checking the definition of an upload. My unique math art.

    Math Art

    Top: upload
    Bottom: Hot linked

  • @jgill

    My maths are way too rusty to grok that but... Cool pic. 😎

  • @jgill cool math derived image. That makes you a conceptualist artist whether you wish that title bestowed on you or not.

    On my phone the images appear equal. I will check them out later on my laptop or desktop. I really like it.

  • @jgill said in The Awesome ART Thread:

    My unique math art.

    John, will you please explain to me how you're able to create these amazing images?

    (And explain it like you're speaking to a me, I won't be offended 🤓 )

  • @L-Aura said in The Awesome ART Thread:

    Meditating Buddha (4'x4' acrylic on canvas)

    Love this piece!

  • @MisterE Thank you!

  • @L-Aura: My Lady, the screen on your computer is a collection of points (pixels). I select a rectangle and starting on the left side go down a column of points. At each point I apply the same complicated math formula that gives that point (or pixel) a non-negative numerical value. I then paint that pixel a color corresponding to the magnitude of that value. Around 0 the pixel is black, and the color changes as the value increases, from dark red to light red, then to shades of green, then shades of blue, to white if the value is over, say, 10^6. Then I move to the next column and do the same thing, point by point. This frequently paints an interesting image that is unexpected, hence is called an example of "weak emergence". The 3-D effect usually arises from a mathematical process involving the trig functions.

    I have created many BASIC programs to do this sort of thing. I never use a commercial program.

    Cheers, John

  • @jgill

    Rock on BASIC. 🎸

    My first programing language. Simple enough to be self taught. Powerful enough to get cool things done. 👍

  • @jgill Thanks for that explanation, John.
    I did really well in Statistics in college, but we never used math with a purpose I could embrace like what you've displayed here.
    I could look at your images all day and not get bored; hope you'll keep posting 'em!

  • Mostly my math art is unworldly and as I mentioned completely unpredictable. The mind of the mathematician meld with the mind of the computer, and something surges up from the combined subconscious. Occasionally an image will appear that resembles a 17th century sketch, with imprecise edges. Here is one that cropped up yesterday as I worked out theory for the elementary dynamics of a generalized Joukowski transform. The coloring and shading were altered slightly in Photoshop. This was a tiny image well away from the origin of the plane and magnified about 200X.

    Math Art

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