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  • I watched Free Solo twice over the last few days and it's majorly good stuff. One thing freaks me is early on in the movie (6:29?) the commentator says Honnold has done over 1,000 Free Solo climbs in his career (?). Alex is only 34 years old so that means he free soloed 71 routes a year from age 20? Unlikely since Alex himself states a free solo ascent has been rare for him, and only after years of careful study where he feels it's a lock. Possibly the commentator confused Alex's numerous big wall climbs tick list with his many roped accomplishments vs. Free Solo climbing?

    Anyway, I've respect for Alex's Capitan Free Solo feat, and think he's acting rationally compared to other free soloists who've died for various reasons. Alex has a laser self preservation attitude which will serve him well for decades. Which means no more big free solo attempts for the rest of his life, which he intimated at the end of the movie.

  • I have no problem with the 70 a year number. lots of routes out there that are o single pitch. I would assume he solos something every week. it's just climbing to him. Amazeing movie and super glad I saw it on the big screen.

  • He was soloing a lot out at the Leap early on.. easy rest days, solo-circuits and repeats, 70+ a year, no problem.

  • Yep. Bachar would solo 10+ routes in a day. 1,000 in a 14 year span isn't unrealistic.

  • I did not know Bachar played guitar.

    He was a very friendly guy the one time I met him though.

  • @manmountain
    That’s only like one a week, otmuch more. I suspect many of us have averaged at least that many. Certainly anyone who guides

  • To celebrate his 29th birthday (in Squamish in 2014) he free soloed 290 pitches in one day. Sure, many of them were relatively easy for him, and he counted the down-solos as well as the up-solos, but still...

    Well documented. Check out

    So 1,000 over the course of 15 years is probably a low estimate.

  • OK, I'm sold he's done at least 1,000 Free Solos over the years. Still, it gives me the heebie-jeebies that Alex (and apparently many others) are free soloing anything higher than boulder problems on a regular basis. I've fallen a few times while walking on flat ground.

  • @manmountain - His 5.10+ is our 5.6

  • @Slacker But Freerider is 5.13a.

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