What song are you listening to?

  • @nutagain

    Heh, lots more than $300 US, I'd bet.

    The Alps are no longer available. Rokit grew weary of an upstart whipper snapper eating their lunch. Bought out the competition and killed 'em. Or more likely just incorporated Event technology into their stuff.

    Heh, since we're upping that ante in the pissin' contest... Might I introduce you to the B&W's...

    Nah... Cuz I am lame, don't have a mixin' board and would have to interrupt this to jack in the Rotel gear. Lower end stuff but seems I got pretty lucky in the bang fer' the buck department. If you're into stuff like you linked.. you win. 🏁

    85W of actively amped near field is better for sitting at the 'puter anyways. Got lots of headroom left. Used to live in cracker box neighborhood. Rattled the neighbors windows a few times whilst gettin' a bit carried away during some EDM shows.

    Oh, yeah, forgot about the Senn HD600's. Love those too. 🎧

    Superseded but can still get at great price, maybe ~$200 if you watch MassDrop. Prefer the 600's to their HD650 big brother. Never got the chance to audition the HD850. @halfwit has the AKG7xx and loves them. Not auditioned myself.

    Ears are far from golden these days so dat's the chain fer' me.

    Have fun! ✌

  • yeah, I'm not a terribly adamant audiophile, but I do have a big damn head; and the AKG have a gentle clamping force and I don't get headaches, and they sound very measured; though from a headphone jack on a PC or a phone it's a bit airy

  • Alexander Agricola (1446-1506) Missa Sine Nomine.

    Ethereal and Sublime. A Capella.

    I'm an audio geek. Sennheiser HD600's. Hafler pre-amp. Rotel CD player. Those are IMO by far the best headphones in their price range (+/- 300.)

    Audio equipment is a lot like cars and camera's etc. As you spend more $ you get better quality until you reach a breaking point where any further improvement comes at huge jumps in price. For example Senn makes the HD800's for +/- 1,600. The minimal increase in quality simply doesn't justify the cost unless you have money to burn, and even then...

    So the Agricola's over. What next?

  • @ksolem

    Vivaldi: Four Seasons 🎻

    Ever A/B the 600's and 650's?? Never did myself, only serial comparison. Liked the HD600's better for more neutral and balanced. The "warmth" of the 650's kind of bugged me before it really became a thing. Had been wanting 600's for too long and the latest and greatest prompted me to buy 'em before they were history. 🎧

    Never auditioned the AKG701/2's but they caught my fancy early on as well. Were in the running at the time of the HD600 purchase. Think I chose wisely. The Senn's never bothered my head after some initial break to relax things a bit. Recent years, however, I seem to have become much more sensitive to pressure on my noggin, to the point that some of my hats bug me. I would really love to take those 702's for a drive. @halfwit lives in CA, however, so doing a swap via UPS is likely about half the cost of just buyin' 'em outright.

    I used to run the HD600's off the headphone stage of my Rotel preamp but... nowadays... dedicated opamps of my Prodigy Stereophile HD2 pumps the flacs thru the 600's no sweat. Yes, Virginia, I do have a moderately priced dream team headphone amp and DAC but... that's still easily a grand plus and my aging ears are far from golden so cannot justify it. Being damn impressed with the bang/buck from my $100 sound card (hint: if you're just getting into this stuff, don't buy a gamer sound card, better one targeting two channel audio) kind of puts the final nails in the dream team's coffin. Another reason I have not pulled the trigger on some 702's cuz... they reputedly really do require an amp to shine.

    Those just dipping their toes into the halfway decent stuff: The HD600's will sound pretty good on a smartphone with some dedicated opamps. Phones targeting the "multimedia" crowd might be a place to start. Pretty much any halfway decent can I've listened to is going to suck on your average cell, lappie, tablet, etc.


    Be all that 'chit as it may... The consistently best bang/buck upgrade I could recommend would be whatever the latest and greatest incantation of the Grado 60 might be. Under $100.00. Don't prejudge 'em by their retro look. My kids took a lot of grief from the high school hipster crowd sporting iPhone and cheap earbuds. Until they listened. Then you started seeing all the Skull Candy, etc. Cuz the Grado's were just too retro to be cool. Only.... yeah.. nowadays it is cool.

    P.S.; Love the Shakespeare quote. 👍

    Note: Mea culpa! From the jargon file secret decoder ring: can = audiophile slang for headphones.

  • bolded text

    "The list of destroyed single and album masters takes in titles by dozens of legendary artists, a genre-spanning who’s who of 20th- and 21st-century popular music. It includes recordings by Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, the Andrews Sisters, the Ink Spots, the Mills Brothers, Lionel Hampton, Ray Charles, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Clara Ward, Sammy Davis Jr., Les Paul, Fats Domino, Big Mama Thornton, Burl Ives, the Weavers, Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Bobby (Blue) Bland, B.B. King, Ike Turner, the Four Tops, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Joan Baez, Neil Diamond, Sonny and Cher, the Mamas and the Papas, Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, Cat Stevens, the Carpenters, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Al Green, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Elton John, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffett, the Eagles, Don Henley, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, Iggy Pop, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Barry White, Patti LaBelle, Yoko Ono, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Police, Sting, George Strait, Steve Earle, R.E.M., Janet Jackson, Eric B. and Rakim, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Guns N’ Roses, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Sonic Youth, No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Snoop Dogg, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Hole, Beck, Sheryl Crow, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, 50 Cent and the Roots."

  • All the news that gives one fits


    Anyway this has been preserved

    27 minutes of low fi

    Do I care?

    Not really


  • According to D Sandborn of "Night Music"
    this is dangerous to attempt
    Just under 4 minutes of it is all thats safe

    From Night Music #104. , 1988
    Jools Holland & Doctor John as the "Boogie Woogie Twins"

    Of course, that's not what I'm listening to
    Saturday Night Is saved for Live shows !

    Whatz Funking Live Right Now?
    It was impossible to choose between the 2

    An evening with Funky Feat live from Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch!

    Whatz making the dog bark & this ole`Dawg smile?

    2019 Blue Ox Music Festival— Saturday, June 15

    performances by:

    Peter Rowen's Carter Stanley's Eyes
    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
    Feeding Leroy

    Charlie Parr is amazing
    ]Go to 5:05:00/-11:55:00n the near middle[
    After his 1st song, "Sunday Street"
    (AT 5:06:40) is a song
    about him & Ed stealing A Sailboat.. gotta hear it

    Dead South
    Jerry Douglas & The Earls of Leicester

    Billy Strings
    Last years performance(hit it out of the park,as always)
    Billy Strings Band

    Peoples Brothers Band

    The Infamous Stringdusters,
    Railroad Earth, w/Billy Strings
    The Lil Smokies,
    and more!
    Click on the Band to hear a trax,
    realz for realz some smokin hot licks from some of the pix
    6/15/19, Live Stream Line up
    Tune in LIVE.

  • "The list of destroyed single and album masters takes in titles by dozens of legendary artists"

    The old analog masters were toast well before the fire. The oxide on the tapes is hydroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. When you try to play one of these tapes the oxide gums up the heads of the tape machine rather quickly. Sometimes baking the tape in a dehydrator will make it playable. I did this with all of the old Motley Crue masters and it worked. Funny thing, Too Fast For Love was found at the archive holding up the leg of some guys desk.

  • Al I am saying is that any of those old masters that haven't been archived on digital were long gone before any fire. I know for a fact that MCA, Universal, Capitol, and most other companies have been very aggressive in this regard for decades now.

  • Just downloaded the soundtrack album for the new film, Echos in the Canyon, remakes of mid 60s classics from LA by Jacob Dylan's band with a nice cast of singer/songwriters.
    The story line is based on the Laurel Canyon scene with new and archival footage.

    My only criticism is they left out some key players, even if a bit esoteric for the story they are selling; no mention of Eden Abez, Kim Fowley, Arthur Lee and Love, Lee Hazelwood or the Doors for that matter. Still a pretty fun movie and record.

  • @toby I got the 600's as a perk from Senn when I was still doing the mastering gig, so they're about 12 years old. Headphones aren't used much in the mastering studio, but they just wanted the clients to see them lying around. But I took a real liking to them, especially for tricky editing. I was able to work faster with the immediate detail of the phones.

    There's a super high end audiophile shop about a mile from me. Brooks Berdan If you ever get the urge to drop 30 grand on a pair of speakers their your place. I go in there because they have a great shop and techs. I've had them re-cap amps, align turntables, etc. Anyway I took my 600's down one day, and pretty much everyone there thought they stood up very well to exotic one's they sell at 4 times the price. I also listened to the 650's and I agree with you. Warmth at the expense of space and detail.

  • @ksolem said in [What song are you listening to?]
    Hey !!
    The best way to tell, the best can do this
    alone but for a simple accompaniment !

    My music? Yeah, it's got "No Roots" (not Like Yours ! , tip-o-da-hat!)

    Alice Merton, 3 songs

    Ha! She was just on TV !
    (WqW, !, there are some other great Live performances, including this 2 months old "no Roots" live!)

  • @ksolem

    Cool to have a top end place like that nearby. Too rich for my blood. Doesn't stop me from popping into the local Stereo Shoppe from time to time fer' some ear candy.

    B&W Nautilus in there now but we got invited to the "Grand Opening of Wow". Catered event by some San Francisco chef that flew in for the occasion (partner is a "foody"). Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy somethings. Been a long while and far from an A/B but gut tells me I preferred the Wilsons (although own low end B&W's).

    Anyways, for those passing thru Boise en route to more awesome craggin' locales.... if your guns be needin' some rest and you're into audio... worth a listen. 👍

    P.S.; Uhh... maybe grab a shower first. 🚿

  • Groovin' on this... 🎧

    In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

    Love the video too.... 8th cut..... 🥚 👍

  • “It was after I got to Boston that I went into the anechoic chamber at Harvard University. Anybody who knows me knows this story. I am constantly telling it. Anyway, in that silent room, I heard two sounds, one high and one low. Afterward I asked the engineer in charge why, if the room was so silent, I had heard two sounds. He said, “Describe them.” I did. He said, “The high one was your nervous system in operation. The low one was your blood in circulation.” (8)

    I heard Duane Eddy play there or was Link Wray


  • Always been an admirer of Dylan

    Reading the reviews takes as long as viewing the film

    Which gets an " I will watch almost any Dylan " number of stars


    Well he ain't Ray, but then is anyone


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