What song are you listening to?

  • <kvg@loon:~/Projects/Joyent/Spoonbill/postfix>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Albert Collins/Ice Pickin'/08 Albert Collins - Avalanche.flac
    Title: 8 Albert Collins - Avalanche (Ice Pickin')
    Artist: Albert Collins
    SongTitle: Avalanche
    Album: Ice Pickin'
    TotalTime: 02:39
    TimeLeft: 00:58
    TotalSec: 159
    CurrentTime: 01:41
    CurrentSec: 101
    Bitrate: 750kbps
    AvgBitrate: 814kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Avalanche - last.fm

    Avalance - youtube

  • Soaring, ethereal trance featuring angelic vocals. Ooooh, la, la!!!!

    <kvg@loon:~>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Tiësto/In Search Of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza CD1/11 Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside Of Me.flac
    Title: 11 Allure feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside Of Me (In Search Of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza CD1)
    Artist: Allure feat. Julie Thompson
    SongTitle: Somewhere Inside Of Me
    Album: In Search Of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza CD1
    TotalTime: 08:00
    TimeLeft: 02:17
    TotalSec: 480
    CurrentTime: 05:43
    CurrentSec: 343
    Bitrate: 1137kbps
    AvgBitrate: 978kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    👍 🎧

  • Another Sunday morning coming down, (and with it the 97° daily temperatures).

    Jeff Beck with David Gilmour ≈ Jerusalem Live At Royal Albert Hall

    J. Johnson, W. Nelson, C. Stapleton & L.A. Womack ≈ Gotta Serve Somebody

    Robert Randolph & the Family Band ≈ Have Mercy

    Clapton, Cray,Vaughn & RANDOLPH ≈ Six Strings Down

    (Ginger Baker just joined the crew)

  • @Tobia Nice. 👍

    Fer' interested parties... Let yer' imagination run away, run away with me....

    <kvg@loon:~>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Tiësto/In Search of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza - CD2/08 Jes - Imagination.flac
    Title: 8 Jes - Imagination (In Search of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza - CD2)
    Artist: Jes
    SongTitle: Imagination
    Album: In Search of Sunrise 6 - Ibiza - CD2
    TotalTime: 06:16
    TimeLeft: 02:40
    TotalSec: 376
    CurrentTime: 03:36
    CurrentSec: 216
    Bitrate: 1117kbps
    AvgBitrate: 1080kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Speakin' of parties...

    Party on, Wayne! 🎆 🍻

  • Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsys ≈ Who Knows

  • @Tobia said in What song are you listening to?:

    Zb, did you read the assignment on Crosley? First of any Burnside that I have heard since the taco died. Marlow really got off on R.L..
    He, Hooblie, Yanqui, and Tarbaby exchange jazz tunes via email. I mainly listen. Tarbaby really knows jazz.

    I chummed the jazz waters a bit earlier. Did not generate any interest. See up post, else search for "New Jersey". 🎧 💃

  • It really was a wonderful remark, Van duely noted it

    Pretty sure I was in Laguna Beach in 1974

    Missed this one


  • I arrived in the Willy DeVille camp ex post facto, but if he is ok to duet with Solomon Burke, he is alright in my book

    RIP all three


  • @zBrown Solomon Burke. Wowzers. 👍

    Solomon tells a great story from bitd about a gig they got signed to do and upon arrival discover that it is a clan rally/initiation during Lightning in a Bottle, a BB King special concert at Radio City Music Hall in 2003. Their task: just keep playing "Down in the Valley".

    The DVD is available on e.g. Amazon but nowadays you can also find the full concert elsewhere for free, e.g. Lightning In A Bottle - FULL CONCERT

    Produced by Martin Scorcese . IMDb.

    Recommended. 👍

    EDIT: Now that I think about it.... I think I already mentioned Lightning in a Bottle up thread a fair bit. And if you're digging up stuff like this then you're probably also long familiar with that.. 😜

    But for those who are not. Enjoy 🎼 🎵 🎵

  • zb, nice way to start the day (Van Morrison), I think I will follow your lead.
    Van Morrison ≈ Tupelo Honey

    Van Morrison ≈ Crazy Love

    @toby, That's a great documentary, Scorcese is Alan Lomax returned.

    Solomon Burke ≈ Can't Nobody Love You

  • <kvg@loon:~>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Beth Orton/Central Reservation/01 Beth Orton - Stolen Car.flac
    Title: 1 Beth Orton - Stolen Car (Central Reservation)
    Artist: Beth Orton
    SongTitle: Stolen Car
    Album: Central Reservation
    TotalTime: 05:25
    TimeLeft: 03:54
    TotalSec: 325
    CurrentTime: 01:31
    CurrentSec: 91
    Bitrate: 905kbps
    AvgBitrate: 968kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Uhhmmm... I am busy and jumping in fer' a quickie, okay? Copy/pasta the title if ye' be into groovin' on some Beth Orton ear candy. 🎧

    o/ 🐕

  • Toby

    Thank you kindly

    Hope I don't bust a button on my trousers🎶

    Keith is pretty good here



  • <kvg@loon:~>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Mannheim Steamroller/Fresh Aire 8; 8 Topics of Infinity/01 Mannheim Steamroller - Main Titles.flac
    Title: 1 Mannheim Steamroller - Main Titles (Fresh Aire 8: 8 Topics of Infinity)
    Artist: Mannheim Steamroller
    SongTitle: Main Titles
    Album: Fresh Aire 8: 8 Topics of Infinity
    TotalTime: 02:43
    TimeLeft: 01:03
    TotalSec: 163
    CurrentTime: 01:40
    CurrentSec: 100
    Bitrate: 722kbps
    AvgBitrate: 769kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Errmm.... I should live in the present:

    <kvg@loon:~>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Mannheim Steamroller/Fresh Aire 8; 8 Topics of Infinity/02 Mannheim Steamroller - Greek Thinkers; Infinity in Philosophy - Day Party.flac
    Title: 2 Mannheim Steamroller - Greek Thinkers: Infinity in Philosophy - Day Party (Fresh Aire 8: 8 Topics of Infinity)
    Artist: Mannheim Steamroller
    SongTitle: Greek Thinkers: Infinity in Philosophy - Day Party
    Album: Fresh Aire 8: 8 Topics of Infinity
    TotalTime: 03:09
    TimeLeft: 01:52
    TotalSec: 189
    CurrentTime: 01:17
    CurrentSec: 77
    Bitrate: 675kbps
    AvgBitrate: 871kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Ooohhh, my my, my... that concert grand makes my toes tingle..... 🎹

  • Say Hey Willie Deville

    I was wondering what my last ST song was

    Got it right hear


  • Doesn't answer the question who was more buff Clarence Clemens or Booker T

    It is still good though


  • Saw it coming right?


    I had never seen this until tonight

    Doesn't answer the question as to whether white people can dance


  • zb,
    I'd go with Clarence.

    Neil Young ≈ Stupid Girl (Stockholm 1996)

    I saw Levon Helm do Willie & The Hand Jive at a Midnight Ramble in 2006. Little George Smith played the harp. Levon and his band had the barn rockin'.

    Levon Helm & Rick Danko ≈ Willie & The Hand Jive (Portland '83)

    Lee Michaels ≈ Willie & The Hand Jive

    Lee Michaels ≈ Do You Know What I Mean?

  • Speaking of Levon's barn...

    Helm, Richards,Moore, Fontana & The Band: Deuce & A Quarter
    (That's a Buick Electra 225)

    Not at Levon's barn:

    JJ Cale and Leon Russell ≈ Same Old Blues

  • Never saw Levon after the old days.

    Wish I had.

    I cannot find a single image of Booker T without long sleeves though I know I saw videos of his arms before.

    Plenty of Clarence. I think Clarence is the winner of the imaginary arm wrestling match.

    Anyway must everybody really get stoned

    JG + CC


  • @zBrown hey there say, zBrown, and all... back now!!! had a special fast, going one... i am back now... and can at least post, each day, i hope (until the leaves start falling, around here... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my... ) happy song time, now:

    wow, this song makes you wish you could RIDE a fast horse, through the night... 🙂

    the 'z' in zBrown, just got me thinking that 'zorro' might be nice, for this eve... hee hee... 🙂


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