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  • Neebee

    I have missed you

    Good to see your smiling face


  • I mentioned Charles Cicirella upstream. He is a friend of mine and a great contributor to the preservation of music.

    His latest show (number 1,347). There was a time when I had them all, but it is so hard to listen to everything.


    (For Klute)


    1. Intro
    2. Star 17 - Charles Siegling [Star Tracks 03 - Star Tracks - 2001]
    3. Catch a Falling Star (Paul VAnce, Lee Pckriss) - Françoise Hardy [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Disques Vogue V.45-1201 - 1964]
    4. talk
    5. Five Star Cab (Wright, McDonald, Jones) - The Wright Group [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - His Master's Voice EA-4806 - 1966]
    6. The Star (D. Malone) - Shirley Lawson [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Back Beat - 1966]
    7. talk
    8. Look For The Black Star (Redman) - Dewey Redman Quartet [Look For The Black Star - Fontana - 1966]
    9. Black Star (Sid Wayne, Sherman Edwards) - Elvis Presley [Collectors Gold - RCA - 1991] (recorded in 1960 for the film of the same name but shelved after the film's title was changed to "Flaming Star")
    10. talk
    11. Walking Star (Adams) - Billy Adams and the Rock-A-Teers [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Nau-Voo 45-802 - 1958]
    12. Here Comes The Star (Johnny Young) - Ross D. Wyllie [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - A&M - Records - 1969]
    13. talk
    14. Don't Lie To Me (Chilton, Bell) - Big Star [#1 Record - Ardent Records - 1972]
    15. Falling Like a Star - The Foreign Films [The Record Collector - Kool Kat Musik - 2018]

    16. talk
    17. The Star of the Show (The La-La Song) (Tony Colton, Ray Smith) - The Zoot Money Big Roll Band [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Columbia DB 8090 - 1966]
    18. 5 Star Rock N' Roll Petrol (Dan Kellehar, Joe Strummer) - The 101'ers [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Chiswick - 1976]
    19. talk
    20. Precious Star - T. Rex [Light Of Love - Casablanca - 1974]
    21. Lucky Star (D. Burgess) - Gene Vincent [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Capitol Records 4665 - 1961]
    22. talk
    23. Blue Star (The "Medic" Theme) (Heyman, YOung) - The Ventures [Walk, Don't Run Vol. 2 - Dolton Records - 1964]
    24. Captive of Love - Duke Tumatoe & All Star Frogs [Red Pepper Hot! - Trouserworm Tunes - 1976]
    25. talk
    26. I've Told Every Little Star (Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II) - Linda Scott [Starlight, Starbright - Canadian American Recordings, Ltd. - 1961]
    27. Star Bright, Star Lite - Syl Johnson [Total Explosion - Hi Records - 1975]
    28. talk
    29. Danny's All-Star Joint (Rickie Lee Jones) - Rickie Lee Jones [Rickie Lee Jones - Warner Bros. Records - 1979]
    30. A Fallen Star (Joiner) - The Hilltoppers ft. Jimmy Sacca [Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single - Dot Records 45-15594 - 1957]
    31. talk
    32. Stars Fell on Alabama (Frank Perkins, Mitchell Parish) - Billie Holiday [Songs For Distingué Lovers - Verve Records - 1958]
    33. Star Baby (Cummings) - The Guess Who [Road Food - RCA Victor - 1974] (2003 Remastered)
    34. Outro

    DJs: Charles Cicirella and Dan Klute
    Tuesday, September 17, 2019
    Cleveland, Ohio

    Artwork included


  • Always liked BBB

    good horns here

    I tried to,play the trumpet as a kid

  • @zBrown , hey there say!!!! yes, zBrown and Tobia!!! yes, here i am ! i am in now... (hee hee, 'IN with the IN-CROWD, as the song goes) 🙂

    (oops, DID NOT do the link right, but-- if you hit on the 'link text' it will REALLY take you to the song video) anyway, ... oh my....

    link text

    link text

  • I wonder why nobody stopped for a few minutes to listen up?


  • Zb, did you read the assignment on Crosley? First of any Burnside that I have heard since the taco died. Marlow really got off on R.L..
    He, Hooblie, Yanqui, and Tarbaby exchange jazz tunes via email. I mainly listen. Tarbaby really knows jazz.

    @J-Fengel I love Jr Wells, that tune was new to me. I posted this more than once on the taco.

    Waters, Wells, Guy, Wyman, Perkins & 2 Taylor's ≈ Messin' w The
    Kid Montreaux 1974

    Pinetop Perkins ≈ Chicken Shack

    Pinetop was a regular at the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena AR as well as the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival.

  • @zBrown @Tobia

    See my post up thread entitled "The Original Trance Music". ✌ 🐕

  • Say hey Tobia
    Yes I checked Crosley out

    Quite a mensch

    Should have thanked you sooner

    I miss Marlow

    First time I downloaded an RL show I was blown away

    I had never heard of the man

    I love that family vid

    Here is another (I played bball a lot and had to stick A. "Hambone" Williams



  • Technically not so good gNome

    But it is Bonnie on slide

    How we all love those American Girls


  • Slide?

    Ya think Mississippi Fred ever slid into Louisiana


    Ray WH


  • @zBrown, we had a chance to see Samantha Fish live at Strawberry last year..

    great performance and best show of the day.

    Another favorite, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, played that night and absolutely tore it down

    Little Lizzie Mae - CRB

    Rosalee - CRB

    Dog Eat Sun - CRB

  • Say J

    Will give those all a listen

    Sam is no sham, nor a Pharoh

    Always loved Peter Gunn

    Even before Joe gave it to her


  • @toby
    I must have did somebody wrong. Toby I replied to your "trance music thread yesterday, but due to technical difficulties I forgot to post it.
    Here's the abbreviated version. I learned of Burnside through the purchase of some videos 39 years or so ago and ended up buying quite a few.

    Alan Lomax, I believe was the first to include R.L. Burnside and espoxe him to the world. That was Jumper on the Line. The next one was the one recorded in the juke joint, which is my favorite. It captures the heart and soul of Mississippi Blues (zb posted it).
    I bouught about 20 VHS or DVD's about the blues, some good some not so, and joined a bunch of Blues organizations where audiophiles post some introducing history and rare videos.
    I will try to post the names of the videos, but I most of the music is on YouTube, but the copyright laws cause problems. They don't stay up long.

  • @jfengel, we think alike.

    For My friend Marlow who is presently doing some serious climbing in France, he lives in Norway. Marlow has spent the last ten days climbing in the Calanques (some serious sea cliffs in the area around Marseille).

    He would be a great addition to this thread.

    Junior Kimbrough ≈ Lord, Have Mercy On Me

    Junior Kimbrough ≈ Most Things Haven't Worked Out

    Hot Tuna ≈ Second Chances

  • <kvg@loon:~/Projects/Joyent/Spoonbill/postfix>% mocp -i
    State: PLAY
    File: /usr/home/kvg/Music/flac/Albert Collins/Ice Pickin'/08 Albert Collins - Avalanche.flac
    Title: 8 Albert Collins - Avalanche (Ice Pickin')
    Artist: Albert Collins
    SongTitle: Avalanche
    Album: Ice Pickin'
    TotalTime: 02:39
    TimeLeft: 00:58
    TotalSec: 159
    CurrentTime: 01:41
    CurrentSec: 101
    Bitrate: 750kbps
    AvgBitrate: 814kbps
    Rate: 44kHz

    Avalanche - last.fm

    Avalance - youtube

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