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  • Positive Contact. I'm not a fan of rap or hip-hop, but this futuristic groove is doing it for me.

  • @nutagain , hey there, say-- i was checking this out, as to see 'what other stuff of his' that i like... there are two, that are a bit, 'not my best like'--- however, there are some of really great stuff, that i LOVE here... good way to learn more, though, is to check out a 'best works' song track, that other put 'have stated is' ... to get a full picture, etc, of a composers/players, work.. 🙂

  • Not Johnny Elephant, Johnny Ace

    There was an Elephant family here. But Removed - possible copyright issue


    Can we get an amen for not having to exit redpoint to listen?


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  • Uhhmmm.... btw.. pretty cheeky to be posting all these links to Google sites when we've been crawled by their bot and they refuse list us even on a search for the exact URL of these forums. Do evil! Yippie yi yo kiyah!

    Uhhmmm.... I sometimes make tongue in cheek comments which may be lost on others. I mean, their bot has crawled us a lot. Maybe just to scrape for Google Images?

    Peace ✌

  • Always nice to see how folks have changed thru the years


    Rhythm Aces


    For music followers:

    Dr. John has passed on

    Heart attack at the "old" age of 77

    Great show
    Dr. John
    Ultrasonic Studios, WLIR-FM
    Hempstead, NY

    Loup Garou
    Walk On Guilded Splinters
    Danse Kalinda Da Boom
    Hard Judgement
    Travelling Mood
    Put A Little Love In Your Heart
    Mess Around
    I've Been Hoo Doo'd
    Such A Night
    Right Place Wrong Time
    Let The Good Times Roll
    Wang Dang Doodle
    Mama Roux

    The rhythm section is the Rampart Street Sympathy Orchestra:

    John Boudreaux, drums;
    Robert Lee Popwell, bass,
    Sugar Bear Welch, guitar,
    Darrell Leonard, cornet and trumpet,
    Jerry Jumonville, tenor sax;
    Robbie Montgomery and Jessie Smith, vocals.

  • Another One Of Those Great ones

    Mac Revanack


    Dr. John
    -w/ David Sanborn, Jeff Healey, Marcus Miller - Night Music

    (An Extra good) IKO IKO


    @ The Cotton Fields / Paramount Hudson Valley
    Dr. John & The Nite Trippers
    Goodnight Irene


    If You Have The Time? (50:25)
    Sit & Take a moment to travel the blues Line
    All of Dr John's appearances on "The Late Show w/ Dave Letterman"
    Dr. John Collection, 1982-2008 (New, Just Published on Jun 6, 2019 ! !)


    1. April 27, 1982. With Bonnie Raitt and Sippie Wallace: "Women Be Wise"

    2. March 17, 1983: "Such a Night"

    3. September 7, 1989: "Accentuate the Positive"

    4. December 15, 1989:
      "Silent Night" with backup vocalists;
      Tommy McConnell,
      Kate McGunnigle, and Darlene Love.

    5. December 28, 1990. "Please Come Home for Christmas"
      With Charles Brown

    6. September 30, 1992: "Goodnight, Irene"

    Late Show:
    7. December 22, 1997. "Stepping Stone"
    With G Love

    1. December 1, 1999."Is You Or Is you Ain't My Baby"
      With B. B. King:
      a bonus break music sampling of B.B. performing
      "The Thrill Is Gone."
      B. B. gets a chuckle out of guest-sit-in-guitarist Glen Campbell's licks.

    2. November 28, 2000. With Christina Aguilera: "Merry Christmas Baby"

    3. June 17, 2008. With the Lower 911: "Time for Change"


  • Damn. I did not know Dr. John had died. Nobody lives forever but this one is a great loss. Indeed, I stole/borrowed one of my catch phrases from him. Never fails to put a smile on the face and warm the heart when somebody I've not seen in too long a while asks me how I am doing. Simply stated; "Better now that you're here."

    "One Night In New York, History Was Made" - Lightening in a Bottle. Freakin' awesome if you are a Blues fan. Dr. John was suckin' O's like an Everest climber for an all stars Blues pageant featuring a mix of old school blues artists and some more modern names who'd they'd inspired. I am loathe to promote Amazon but here's a link to the DVD. Recommended. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

    Caveat: I exempt the slaughtering of Boom Boom by Chuck D and the Fine Arts Militia as an outlier from my rating above.

    P.S.; Those who get it, let us pay tribute to Dr. John by welcoming any new forum members today thusly in his honor. Now I got to go queue up some blues 🎸

  • ! ShomngumRidge Ha ! That is Not Lost on me !
    So glad to hear from you here !

    Lets groove

    get some
    Healing Power


    Bootsy Collins with David Sanborn & others | Night Music

  • Title: 1 B.B. King - Playin' with My Friends (with Robert Cray) (Blues Summit)

    Not jazz but we're queuing the Blues today in honor of Dr. John. This one goes out to the folks attending the Bachar Memorial Celebration. Wishing I could be there.

    I'm gonna call up some of my buddies
    And a few of the ladies I know
    I'm gonna rent a hall and get them all and
    Put on a heck of a show

    Make sure we got a kitchen
    With a oven and a stove
    We'll all get in there cookin'
    Then we'll throw open all the doors

    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    We'll have a good time
    Playin' with my friends

    I'm gonna buy a 100 pounds of catfish
    Cook it all up on the grill
    Fix some beans and corn bread
    Everybody's gonna get their fill

    Then we'll grab all the guitars
    Greasy hands and all
    Someone'll count off a shuffle
    And man we'll have a ball

    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    We'll have a good time
    Playin' with my friends

    Yes, we gonna buy some of that red, red wine
    The best that money can buy
    You gotta drink it all from a paper cup
    That this here Saturday life is right

    Everybody's gonna stand up
    Play their favorite tune
    You can pick any tune you want to
    As long as it's the blues

    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    Playin' with my friends
    We'll have a good time
    Playin' with my friends

    Keep the spirit alive. Peace. Out. ✌

  • @toby

    Have mercy! I am replying to self... lol....

    Loathe as I am to link to Youtube (the goog is crawlin' us like a Kingsnake but still won't list us)....

    Playin' With My Friends


  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JY9LwngDVAwDavid Bromberg,Los Lobos and Dr John.

  • @toby

    Hard to get past ytube for ease of access.

    I have the 1973 Dr. John show on my disc, but kinda hard [heh] to share it!

  • @zBrown

    Ya, mon, I get dat'... 😜

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  • Do not have it yet

    Will let you know

    Between March and May 1974, John Lennon was at Record Plant West and Burbank Studios in Los Angeles, California, where he was producing and mixing Harry Nilsson 's new album censored Cats .

    During this project (at the height of Lennon's infamous "Lost Weekend") there were numerous drunken, late night jam sessions featuring star guests. Klaus Voormann, Keith Moon, and Ringo Starr, who were recording with Nilsson, often attended. At one of these sessions, Lennon produced Mick Jagger singing a Detroit R&B tune "Too Many Cooks" with Jack Bruce amongst the supporting cast. On another ocassion, Lennon was joined by Paul McCartney for their only recorded performance since the break-up of The Beatles. The following people took part (Robertson, p.167):

    John Lennon : vocals, guitar
    Paul McCartney : vocals, drums
    Stevie Wonder : vocals, electric piano
    Harry Nilsson : vocals
    Jesse Ed Davis: guitar
    Bobby Keyes: saxophone

    Original CD > EAC > FLAC

    1. A Toot and a Snore
    2. Bluesy Jam Session
    3. Studio Talk
    4. Lucille
    5. Nightmares
    6. Stand by Me
    7. Stand by Me
    8. Stand by Me
    9. Cupid / Take this hammer

  • @zBrown

    Hey zB

    Ya got the one where Little zRichard meets Colombo

    Why yes I do


  • @zBrown

    I'm a huge Columbo fan...can't believe I don't remember him with LR.

    Thanks for posting that, z!

  • @L-Aura

    My favorite of all the new generation of detectives, is the one many folks do not know is Frank.

    Nobody beats Bogart though

    BTW on the old music thread they called me zB, still do, but I just don't hear them 🙂

    Best I could find on short notice


  • It's been a long while since I've had a Jimi rockin' night, but I'm in it now and wanted to share:

  • Rockin' Jimi here as well.... 🎸

    And I do mean rockin' 👍

  • @toby Ha, I'm on crappy laptop speakers now, but if I wanted to get competitive I would see your ALP5 and raise you a pair of Atomic CLR active wedges mounted on poles! I only do that when I USB audio out my computer for jamming along down in the dungeon.

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