Rigid Friends

  • Anyone every take the nutted ones apart for cleaning? Mine are pretty sticky, thinking about taking the nuts off and generally stripping them down for a thorough cleaning. I've cleaned them by the standard methods, but the still don't have that "snap". I could pull one apart, but would prefer to know if anyone has done it. Do the springs present a problem?

  • @johntp Haven't done it, but have cleaned a lot of things in an ultrasonic bath. Have you tried that? I think you can get them pretty cheap.

  • @David-Harris

    Thanks David. Haven't done the U-S thing. I'll look into it. I've been looking over these old Friends. Still good, just spent time in the desert and closet. I still like the rigids. Not attractive, but certainly worth maintaining and using.

  • Pre sewn sling days I would use a good spraying with WD-40 to flush out grit chased with some 90% isoproply alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to remove the excess WD-40. Follow that cleaning with a very light dab of WD-40 or mineral oil around the joints. Let that sit for a bit and rotate every once in a while to help gravity do its thing. Finish by wiping any external excess so as to not contaminate nylon slings and such.

    In more modern times there are "thin film" lubricants such as NyOil, which I discovered for lubing axles during my kid's Pinewood Derby days, that may be a better option. This stuff loves to spread into cracks and crevices so just a drop will do you.

  • Well, the one's I was looking to take apart are the very old ones with nutted axles. Thought I could just take the nuts off, pull the lobes, spacers and springs off and scrub each piece individually.

    No worky. The nuts would back off until just before the end of the axle and then no further. Apparently the axles were peened or something to keep the nuts from coming off. So yeah, a good cleaning and lubing will have to suffice.

    Some of these are really sticky, won't even expand after retracting. I think the previous lube jobs have gummed up and hardened. May try using coleman fluid or some other solvent to remove the old lube. A good wash with a hot Dawn/water solution and toothbrush scrubbing in did not help. Waiting till after the holiday shipping frenzy to order some cam lube from Metoliuos.

  • Throw them into the washing machine with Tide and Clorox.
    Then dry them in the dryer on high.
    The lube them with mobile one 50 weight.
    Then yer done.
    It couldn't be any easier and what could go wrong .....

  • Two thoughts on the above solution:

    Use someone elses washing machine & dryer.

    And resling them after the above.

    Sigh. I got rid of my friends. After having them for spares for the batch of camalots I bought in 2010 & never using them, I sold them on EBay, one at a time with a 70's era SMC biner attached to each. Much to my amazment, I made from $15.00 to $55.00 off each one. The original ones from 1978, marked Pat. Pending, fetched the most.

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