Show Us Your Key Fob/Chain

  • Seems they tend to have pieces that are sentimental or otherwise personal. Here's mine. The rurp didn't hold a fall (the first time), the stopper did.

    Cleaner biner.jpg

  • One has a #.5 Tri-Cam but the key that gets the most use has the SMC #1 Cam-Lock

  • I lost my keys again

    Maybe later, eh!

  • In my sales-rep career of driving first 40,000 - to 50,000 miles a year, then in this century, 30,000 to 40,000 miles a year, I learned:

    A long dangle of keys from a fob irritated my right thigh & wore a hole in my pants, on long road trips.

    They could also put enough weight on the ignition switch, that it would malfunction.

    I've used a small split-ring for a key fob for many years.

    But then again, I never paid for "personalized" license plates & I drive the least-expensive model of 4-wd Toyota 4-Runner.

  • @FritzRay

    That cleaner biner has special significance for me. I could live with losing my keys, but that biner? Not gonna happen. So I've never lost my keys in 30 years. I've ditched the little tool a few times but find it so damn useful it now stays. Except in airports.

    I hear ya on large chains of keys. They do make a good weapon though. Throw 'em hard at someones face.

  • just a couple of keys on a biner. Clip it to the shifter when parked. always find it.

  • Here's my key fob. The brass plate is very worn, but if you enlarge it and look very closely, you can see that it reads "Mr. Guitar." Dan Fogelberg made this for my older brother, John, who used to do studio work with him in Santa Barbara. After my brother died, his widow gave this to me. It's a pretty sentimental thing, as he and I played music together our whole lives.

    key fob.jpg

  • @Moose


    I still can't read it, but you can

    That's what counts

  • Ok

    I have had the brass one since 1976
    The other came with my "new" 1968 El Camino
    I have lots of sets of keys


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