One for the Birds

  • @NickG --wow, nick... GREAT JOB! ...

    SAY, a bit later, i will come share some birds... i went to south texas for three days... (well ONE day) ... and two for travel... my family helped me...

    hugs to you all... i miss everyone... 🙂

  • @The-Gnome -- wow, gnome... say, those are supposed to be in michigan, somewhere... i know a few folks that have seen them... i still hope to, too! 🙂

  • @NickG -- wow nick! neat!!

  • @was-dar -- say, not sure if i answered here yet... i am near lake michigan side... yes-- wow, new camera!! and, zoom lens... i love it... am going to share GRACKLES, SOON...
    *got a chance to get back to south texas for a day, 🙂

  • Here's one for the birders among you.

    As I've posted before, I divide birds into two classes: those I like to eat, and all others. But I know some of you are into it on a whole other level, so here's a photo for you. Taken about 30 years ago (and finally scanned today) on a trip to some unclimbed peaks on the eastern side of the BC coast range.

    What are these guys?

    Mountain birds.jpg

  • @David-Harris I'll guess some type of ptarmigan or grouse. Maybe on the those I like to eat side of your taxonomy?

  • And the "Unclear on the Concept" award for today goes to...

    ...the envelope, please...

    This stupid bird!


    Out working in the brewery (you'd probably call it the garage) today I heard the unmistakable sound of a woodpecker going to work. But really loud and sharp.

    What could it be hammering? Had to be something dead. Wooden street light pole? I've seen them do that. So I walked to the little side street that runs behind our place and, sure enough, way up there on the very top was the noisemaker.

    But not on the pole itself. No, this idiot was on top of the light box, hammering away on the metal. (Enlarge the photo a bit and you'll see it.)

  • David: I suppose "bird-brain" might refer to that pecker-head.

    Heidi put a new seed block out for our Quail, who are quite excited.
    IMG_2231.JPG -


  • @FritzRay Whoo hoo! Those guys fall into the first of two categories into which I put birds: Those good to eat!!!!

    But, as much as quails are acceptable on my table, I'm just a stupid human who shops for quails at the local butcher. Quails hanging around on the ground would last about 2 seconds in my yard, where Basil is the Chief Bird Control Officer.

    How does Harley deal with them?

  • @David-Harris Harley has proudly brought home a couple young, but mostly uninjured, quail in the last 8 years. Heidi admonished him, & released them again, hopefully to live. He seems to have given up on stalking quail, but still brings in & eats, the occasional baby cottontail rabbit.

    He avoids attacking critters that are in his size range, especially those with fangs & claws, like our rockchucks/marmots, & vastly prefers mice & our small lizards. And since our porcupines only come at night & Harley is inside, he has not had an unpleasant porcupine encounter. Two days ago on our front porch. IMG_2217.JPG

  • @FritzRay --- wow, say, fritz and heidi... man oh man, i just LOVE all your adventures!!! i had a friend up in UP mich, and sadly, their poor pupdog, had a few run-ins, with porcupines...

    far as i heard, it finally learned... ⭕
    say, my mom and i always LOVED to come upon quails as they 'meander' through foot hill areas, in san jose... and, of course all around those areas... that was 12 or more years ago, though... and, even way back, before that...

    not sure how common, anymore...

    happy good day to you both!

  • @David-Harris ---ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... this is so funny... your 'set up' ... whewwww, WHAT a bird... 😉

    i would have loved to 'heard', followed, and FOUND that, ...
    thanks for the share...

    will tell my mom, later, too!!

  • hey there say, all....

    was so happy to 'catch this guy' after his afternoon bath... 🙂

    heard the noises, but, could not find 'them' at first... then, i 'zeroed' in, on this 'guy' (it) ...

    did not know, until after i saw the picks... that he/it had been
    preening, etc... wow!

    was one of those fun 'multi-shoots' with the lens...
    *there was quite a few... and, various angles, but, i just put TWO, here, really quick.. 🙂
    i reckon he was about 25-30??? feet up in the tree...



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