One for the Birds

  • The Best Camera is the One You Have With You.....



    Was chillin' on my back porch when this little buddy decided to check out the local wildlife. Lucky me happened to have my camera in hand. ☘

  • Miserable Trout


    I witnessed the actual capture, had my best camera handy. Hand held zoom. Was able to get a few quick shots.

    Click? What are you looking at, eh?


    I Spy, with my Eye in the Sky....



    Hmm.... I wonder what else might be on the dinner menu, eh?

  • Toby! Nice Osprey & prey photos.

    Heidi got this one from our raft on a 2006 Middle Fork Salmon trip that turned into an epic adventure, after a big thunderstorm caused a logjam on the river.

    7-22 middle fork salmon 008.jpg

  • Please, will one of the real bird photographers from ST consider posting? I'm not sure if it's considered better form to link or upload a photo, but he's an uploaded. My first call (size, location Seattle/Aug-26-2019) was an immature Cali-Gull.


  • @was-dar Both will get the job done but locally uploaded will provide better performance. Ya' didn't groove on my Osprey shots in Wildlife Encounters thread, eh?

  • sorry, I knew I was missing something, like the Wildlife Encounters"

  • @was-dar said in Wildlife Encounters:

    My first call (size, location Seattle/Aug-26-2019) was an immature Cali-Gull.

    I thought I'd set everyone straight about birds back on the ST forum. Y'all get messed up over whether that one feather on the tail or the tip of the wing is light gray... or light brown.

    Waste of time. Bird classification is simple: There are only two kinds of birds. Those that are good to eat, and those that are not. Okay?

  • IMG_5452.jpg

    So put that in yer' pipe and smoke it, eh? Ooh, la, la... smoked goose. 👍

  • @toby said in Wildlife Encounters:

    So put that in yer' pipe and smoke it, eh? Ooh, la, la... smoked goose.

    Goose (roasted, not smoked) is a regular feature on our table. Not cheap, but wonderful.

    And then there are the secondary benefits: loads of goose fat and goose stock. Fry up some potatoes in the goose fat you saved. Or put some cannellini beans in the slow cooker with a bit of garlic and lots of stock you made from the carcass of that goose you roasted.

    So, yeah, geese fall into the "Good to Eat" class of birds.

  • @David-Harris I must confess I have only ever had smoked duck. 🦆

  • @toby said in Wildlife Encounters:

    I must confess I have only ever had smoked duck

    Well, I've tried more than once to smoke a duck, but each time I run into the same damn problem that I hit when trying to smoke a salmon: I cant figure out which end to light.

    and here I was about ready to go spend the winter to bond with my bro David! Not so much the rest.


  • amazeing osprey shot. one of the coolest things I have seen was a large retail hawk flying alongside my car up a ravine so that I got a good long look at it. he had a live snake in his talons..

  • @NickG Cool. I have some niche raptor niches out back. Redtail, Northern Harriers, a.k.a. Marsh Hawk (wh/I prefer), Kestrel, the occasional Peregrine.

    Hard to catch them on camera, however, because they're always moving when they're doing something interesting and you're pretty much going to want a bit of a lens ... I just have a small travel camera, less than ideally suited for such shots but I'll try and see what I can do.

    Zoom is difficult on these lil' travel puppies. Mid range is fine but lose quick at distances. Even with a steady hand. I'm pretty sure, for e.g., that the coyote shots above were braced by siding of second floor window I was shooting out of. Yep. Like all things the 'lil pupsters do have their limitations. They are convenient and damn handy to have either on or close at hand though.... And you know what the pros say about the best camera.... 👍 📷

  • hey there say, ... a few more wildlife encounters...

    these were all from the new camera...
    (found them, on my save-disc) ...



    *he proceeded to DRINK and take a bath... and, then,
    up to the branch, to groom

    it was a very very surprised FIND for me, to see him that day... he was the FIRST bird, i got, with this new camera... wow!!!



  • This post is deleted!

  • . Happy Thanksgiving .

    Arriving 2 days early; the timing perfect I had to think of what I could use to perpetrate the act. We could of been well fed had I had the Glock, but no, A bo-lo? or A baseball bat? I have a BB-gun...The neighbors 2 of them "hunt"(Bow,handgun back-up) in the 3 acres of tick-infested woods between the streets, our open space their rear yard potching patch. . .

    IMG_6805 (2)890x753.JPG
    As much as I would have Liked to, to capture, kill, pluck, clean, prep & cook fowl this fresh is a lot of work

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    those don't look like the wild turkeys we have around here? they look like they are mixed with domestic?

  • @NickG I was thinking same but thought maybe was an East Coast, West Coast thing. They also remind me of "Turkens", turkeys crossed with chickens, for when a whole chicken is not enough but an turkey too much? Or maybe they do it for the hybrid flavor? I've only ever seen them from a distance at a local small acreage farm, however, so could be out in left field on this one.

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