Brad Gobright Killed and Aiden Jacobson Injured After a Fall in Potrero Chico

  • A climber dies and another is injured after a fall in Potrero Chico

    HIDALGO.- A man died and another was seriously injured when both fell from an approximate height of 200 meters in the place known as Potrero Chico, in the municipality of Hidalgo.

    The accident occurred when both climbers of American origin practiced the sport of ropes in an area or route known as "Shining Path", however they would have fallen without so far determining the causes.

    The area is difficult to access, although rescue forces such as Civil Protection of Nuevo León have already reached the location of the injured person.

    Meanwhile, they will look for ways to get to where the remains of the climber who died, who was only identified as Brad Gobright, 32, are located.

    It was reported that there is communication difficulty on the site, as well as high-speed wind gusts, which is why this could have been the cause of the climbers' fall.

    The place of Potrero Chico is frequented by climbers of all levels to be recognized as one of the best places worldwide to perform such sport and therefore the risk on some routes is also high.

  • Such a bummer.. a couple weeks back, he was giving me and my partner a hard time for hanging out in the Caf all morning instead of being out climbing.. Ha. Brad was a super nice guy and really down to earth. A couple years back, my boy and another partner were in the Valley for a couple days.. Brad came and sat at our table for breakfast and made big impression on my son.. was really good. My boy couldn't remember Brad's name and called him 'Crab Goback' later that day.. I'm super bummed for his friends and family.. and that I won't see him around next year

  • I miss you Brad. Super great to see you at Facelift. Brad had many lessons to offer us Over the years Perhaps this one, his last, is the most important: The fall

  • Never knew Brad or heard of him before. Condolences to family and friends; sounds like a good guy that left too early. Glad Jacobson is okay; can only imagine what was going through his mind waiting for the anticipated impact that never came.

  • My life is poorer for not knowing Brad. Condolences to his family & many friends.

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