Where Is This ?

  • @WyoRockMan

    Feels like Devil's Tower to me, eh?

    No clue as to 1, 2 or 3... 🐕

  • @WyoRockMan Hmmm... I don't know where, but I have a thought on what. That first picture looks like a horizontal walkway between a couple of low bits of rock.

    Not sure how you photoshopped in the ropes and fake climber, but it looks kinda cool.

  • @toby Devil's Tower is correct.

    Here's Catherine Destivelle climbing "El Matador" (Picture 1). Perhaps the finest stemming pitch around....I'm glad there isn't video, and especially audio, of my attempt.

    CD-El Matador

  • @WyoRockMan Cool. I got a wild hair and ended up driving across the state of Montana. Spent a couple weeks hangin' round the tower. Climbed some stuff. Summited a few times just to say I had. Don't recall route names but don't think I did this puppy. Would have been right in there w/my leading of the day so?? Sigh.. so much rock... so few brain cells....🤔

    Good times though. For sure, for sure. Especially the times that followed. Ended up hooking up with 'the britt brigade' seeing how we were all headed towards 'the city'. Ended up being an awesome tour. I should write about it someday.

  • @toby "El Matador" is one of those climbs you wouldn't forget, the second (and famous) pitch is just about perfect in every regard. I last did it 6 or 7 years ago and my calves still cringe when I think about it too long though. 🙂

  • it certainly looks super cool . only way Up for me has been Solar. Twice. Once following in 96 and once leading in 2016. It felt pretty solid 9 to me both times 😉 I know the locals call it 9-...

  • Isa was very sick with Lyme disease so I led the whole thing. Not much climbing like this in the North East.

  • @NickG picture 2 is looking up the second pitch of Soler. 9- is silly. It's a 9.

  • @WyoRockMan I didn't remeber the bolts being glues ins on solar. yea I was stoked to lead the whole thing!

  • I've no recollection of what I climbed there. Only that it was one of those wild hair kind of things to go driving all that way from Sand Point in Northern Idaho all across the state of Montana.... Plus, I had Team Husky so that complicated the hang once arrived. I bivvied at a site rented from the little corner store/bar. Where one could also buy sulfur shower tokens. Still, it is good to get the accumulated grime off of you from time to time. And you kind of get used to the smell. But other than Team Husky I traveled solo so what the hell, eh? I found most folks coming to the Towers were coming with partners. So I was a bit compromised there. Still, I'd have been up for pretty much whatever.

    Yippie yi-yo kiyah! So if you're ever in the general vicinity... maybe something you don't want to miss. Be cool to get back that way someday.... 🐕

    I will need to unpack some book boxes and find my guide. See what notes I may have scribed therein, eh?

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