Where is this ?

  • @David-Harris Looks like Squamish to me but then I've also not been there since the early '90's. I do recall grand views of wind surfers ripping it up in the bay though so that and the rock brings back fond memories. Also the turquoise colored waters. Great rock, cool people and nice little town close by.

    Did the Grand Wall via the Cruel Shoes variation with Stephan from Germany. I led the run out 5.9 stuff and the Split Pillar while my partner led the 5.11 pitches. Boo hiss that he never sent me copies of the pics. One of my best ever road trips. 🙂

  • @toby Yes, Squamish. But a much different Squamish to the one I knew when I started climbing.

    Back then (mid-70s), Squamish was the worst armpit town you could imagine. All that was left of whatever it once might have been was a bit of logging. But as climbers, we were in paradise. Massive granite walls and dozens of small crags offering some great climbs and an almost infinite potential for new climbs.

    Now? Well, now Squamish is "The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada." Climbing of all kinds and at all levels, mountain biking to die for, windsurfing and kiteboarding at a world-class level, and brewpubs and restaurants aplenty to choose from when you end your day. And one of the world's great skiing and mountain biking destinations just a short way up the road at Whistler.

    Which, for me at least, means it totally sucks. Yes, there are now hundreds -- actually thousands -- of great routes. And if you don't mind waiting in line behind four other parties you can enjoy them too. And while we used to laugh about the fact that a car on the highway below would occasionally mean that we had to wait ten seconds before we could hear each other, now the stream of traffic is constant. Last I checked (over 15 years ago) it was on the order of 20,000 cars a day passing through Squamish.

    So, as I type this, I raise a glass to our shared memories of Squamish. And thank whatever gods are in charge of climbing that I don't have to climb there anymore.

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  • @NickG Some place, unlike the place I live in, where winter temperatures go below freezing?

  • Cannon Cliffs? Franconia Notch?

  • @johntp Correct.. that is The Black Dike is super fat conditions. the bottom 20m or so filled in with snow. this is another fat conditions shot . late season but better angleIMG_4136.jpg

  • @NickG said in Where is this ?:

    late season but better angle

    I liked the first angle. Bold FA's BITD. Repentance and Remission please?

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  • Nice! Looks like thin conditions.....

  • It was pretty sporty coming out of the cave. My partner is a solid 13 breaking into 14s sport climber and he was not too impressed with the gear leaveing the belay...


    I think he still has a bit of PTSD from imagining the gear zippering on to the belay 😉 Its NH so any place you could possibly place a screw it looks like swiss cheese...

  • Here's one that at least some of you might recognize. (Photo from 1985, if that helps)

    Going for the onsight.jpg

  • @David-Harris Definitely Smith Rocks. One of the many awesome sauce Dihedrals. 🐕

  • @toby Spot on. Perry going for the onsight of Sunshine Dihedral.

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