Winter Climbing

  • yup. thats stupid..

  • Ran into Katie and Sarah just as we finished up this climb.


    got suckered into doing this one at the end of the day. Taylor told us there was no wind up there it just sounds really bad.. 🙂 climbing was good but wind was gale force and it was a bit cold 😉 Cold enough I never got a shot of p2 or the crazy 1st rappel...


    Body is trashed from so much travel on frozen rocks without enough snow....


  • @NickG Some people have just too much fun! Good stuff, Nick. 👍

  • can hardly walk today... don't get old.....

  • Started 2021 with a lazy start just up the road from Isa's house. party from Colorado just finishing. you can see the 2nd up high on P2. This is 20 Below Zero Gully a super good two pitch 4+ it was bit steeper and harder than normal with the early season conditions. Tricky protection etc. etc.
    Isa found a no hands rest at the top of P1.
    I took a shot down at the belay from the stance just before the business on P2.
    we left a lindt treat at the top anchor for the next person who makes it to the top 😉
    the 2nd pitch climbed a lot steeper and harder than it looks....
    IMG_7919.jpg the ice was a bit wet and freezeing fast so no naked thread.. this one is extra truck as its the first big ice and first thread of the season.

  • @NickG said in Winter Climbing:

    naked thread.. this one is extra truck as its the first big ice and first thread of the season

    I've rapped off plenty of V-threads, but this is taking it to a new level. How did you do that? The only thing I can think of is that, although you can't really tell from the photo, the top two holes are in a horizontal shelf. Crazy.

    And what is the deal with the other rig on the left? Did that get taken out before you rapped?

  • The one on the left was the screw anchor. I just happened to have a piece of cord on me long enough to do a double thread. Spent enough time wanking around with it that the ropes almost froze in place... should have been a one and done moment but it was the first one of the season and it felt steep and exposed...

  • @David-Harris two a threads. Screw anchor on left cleaned by last person down.

  • Super dry and brittle ice in the am. First grade 5 pitch of the season worked me hard enough I decided I should not lead the 2nd pitch. Didn't feel like I had the reserve to deal with likly haveing to gun through a candled section with no gear. you can get seriously fcking killed playing this game so I try to leave the ego on the ground.. Isa following P1 of Glass Menagerie.
    The sun came out in the afternoon and everything turned hero. Isa led all of P2 of 20 Below Zero Gully for the first time. Super stoked for her. she often leads a short pitch to the cave and then lets me do the crux. Yesterday she led the short pitch, made belay and studied that demon. She saw herself doing it and asked me if i thought she could. i hated giving up the lead but it was the right thing to do 🙂
    we left more Lindt.
    the end of the say was stunning.

  • As I've mentioned a time or two, winter here in the Great White North is different from what you guys experience down there in the sunny south (like Vermont and New Hamster, where Nick lives)

    Yeah, up here in the frozen wastelands I almost felt like I should put on a vest, or maybe a jacket over my T-shirt when I went out to work in the yard today. Seriously, life in Canada is tough in the winter.

    And, on a somewhat more seriously serious note, we're still not too underwater up here, but our neighbors in Washington and Oregon are getting truly hammered. Check this out:

    On a more cheerful note, that Pineapple Express is delivering its load mostly south of here, and, although it's raining here now, tomorrow looks to be sunny and we're planning to do some more scrubbing on the latest insanely great crag.

  • nasty day at the lake..
    finally enough snow to butt slide.

  • @NickG Damn Nick you sure are dumb! We had a cloudy yucky day here, too, but we took advantage of it to sit at home and drink wine and eat food.

    And we didn't even have any of that white stuff you were floundering around in.

  • @NickG Now, just because we sat around the wine bottle today doesn't me we didn't get out yesterday -- which was, maybe better than today, but still a pretty shitty day at the lake...

    Yeah, we wandered around a nearby lake, thinking it might be either below some decent crags or, if not, maybe home to some decent bike trails.

    Not. Just a little lake.


  • Waiting for summer climbing here

  • those guys are Burly! should make good ice climbers!

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