A fun winter ascent of Boulder Peak Idaho, March 1971.

  • I participated in a somewhat-bold night-time winter ascent of 10,891 ft. Boulder Peak late March 1971. It is just north of Hwy 75, about 10 miles north of Ketchum.

    The SE side of Boulder peak, from near Hwy 75.

    Boulder Peak.jpg

    It had been a dry March & backcountry Idaho snow was very solid. There was a full moon & at age 21, it seem logical to my climbing buddy Gordon Williams & me, to make a final stop at one of our favorite Ketchum’s bars for a drink or two at midnight, before starting up the highway north to the mouth of Boulder Creek.

    Gordon brought along a secret weapon, his tall, good looking, & strong friend Roxanne, who had grown up in a notable Seattle area climbing family & had much climbing experience. After ingesting some mind-altering drugs at the road-head, we enjoyed perfect cool, but not cold temperatures & hard snow for our climb up the south-west side of Boulder Peak on a route similar to one I had climbed in June 1970. The snow was sufficiently hard that Gordon & l used crampons & ice axes on the steeper slopes, & the full moon gave us plenty of light.

    Roxanne had left her crampons in Seattle & was using a borrowed ice axe, but with her climbing background, that wasn’t a problem. Gordon & I later joked it was likely she could have thrown us each over a shoulder and made the summit while carrying our skinny-hippie selves.

    Gordon &Roxanne

    Boulder Peak March 1971-small.JPG

    We arrived on top just as the sun was rising, enjoyed a quick trip off the mountain & we were back in Ketchum for a hot lunch by noon.

    That was by far my easiest winter ascent & the only one that went smoothly.

  • TFPU. Good read and pics.

    Toby should create a sub page for trip reports.

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