Whatever Happened To??

  • @toby thanks. Obvious in retrospect.

  • "Chongo" Dave Tucker Update:

    For interested parties who may not know, Dwain Warren reports Dave Tucker, a.k.a. "Chongo Dave", of "Team Chongo" fame (too many HVC Daves bitd; Too Strong, Young Strong, Yucca, etc. so nics naturally evolved to keep 'em sorted), died several years back. I am saddened greatly by this news, as I had always hoped our paths would cross again. Maybe someday.

    Rest in peace, brother. I wish you well on your adventures in the next life. Thank you for the memories. ✌

  • hey there, say, folks... didn't know where to ask... not sure WHICH topic i picked last time... but, anyone know justin ross... his card came back-- needing NEW ADDRESS...
    though, it was good last year...

    chime in, if you can... hugs, to all, in the forum... 🙂

  • Alf...building tiny houses with solar. Last I heard he was near Twisp, WA

  • @neebee thank you all... i did get his address... 🙂

    now, i wonder where WALLEYE is... ???

  • hey there say, all... is john musgrove around, in any circles... ?
    his card came back, too... wrong po. box now... (from calif) ...

    thanks guys!

  • @neebee Thanks for reviving this thread else ....

    @john-bald Thanks bunches! Perchance do you have contact info? If so, please PM me and/or encourage him to join up. 👍

  • @toby I happened to reconnect with Alf via Facebook a few years ago. That is my only contact info I have. Fun to see old friends again. Happy holidays to you!


    After our freeing of the Direct East Face of Whitney in the early '80s

  • @john-bald Awsome blast from the past! Looks exactly how I'd remembered. And I'll bet he resoled those Fire's himself. 👍

    I don't do FB. If perchance your paths cross again please do relay best regards from "Mush Puppy Ken". 🐕

    Update - 12/26: I never knew Alf's last name, nor much of his "story". The Twisp, WA bit turned out to be key. For those who may be interested:

    Alf's Blogger Profile

    I've shot him off an email. Blog comments seem to be borked. Likely has better things to do but hoping he drops in. Thanks again, John.

    Update - 12/27: Found an Outside TV bit on Alf:

    Dirtbag Rock Climber Alf Randell | Dispatches

    Heh, we have all kinds of posers marketing themselves as "Regular Dirtbags" nowadays but Alf is the real deal. Least wise back in my day.

    Cool, cool, cool to have found this. I'd kind of given up on this thread bearing fruit but now need to add a few more names to the list. 😉

  • I haven't seen Alf in probably 13 years, thanks for the update. He's a good guy. He was doing Wild Iris, Enchanted Tower, IC, for many years.

    I wouldn't have thought he'd be on Facebook in a million years.

  • @Heyzeus I didn't get the impression he spends much time there since it got taken over by hate politics. His email address can be found in the blogger link above. If he replies, which he did to mine promptly, his cell number is in his signature. Chewed the fat for a good hour recently and have tentative plans to visit next time we're in WA. Like more than a few dirtbags from back in the day, he's put off by what climbing has become modern times and taken up new modes of enjoying the great outdoors: Ski skating, which he opined involves a lot of "wiggling your butt" and a great cardio and core workout. Seems to be doing well - but also values his privacy so I won't go on too much more here. 🤐 🙂

    Edit: Or is is skate skiing? Never been a skier. I know. Sad. OTOH, both my knees are still doing pretty well as well.... 😜

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