Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty....the Cat Thread

  • @David-Harris

    ^That was funny ghost.

  • Toby, did the cat survive the cobra encounter.... there is a whole world out there at night that I generaly sleep through but Hugo has his adventures.... sometimes with the scars to prove it.... usually I just get odd dismembered body parts left on the living room floor...

  • @NickG Yes. Both survived the encounter. Check up thread a bit following @FritzRay Harley post.

  • Hugo playing in the garden.


  • @NickG

    What is it about cats and dirt? Just like almost every cat I've shared time with, Basil can't get enough of it. Well, he prefers rolling around on the rough concrete sidewalks along the sides of our house, but dirt is a close second.

    And, as to why we named him Basil, I think this photo (taken not long after he passed out last night) explains it pretty well.

    Basil Hayden Junior.jpg

  • @David-Harris Perchance is that a Natuzzi leather sofa I see there?

  • @toby said in Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty....the Cat Thread:

    Perchance is that a Natuzzi leather sofa I see there?


    Didn't have a clue what that meant, so, turning to my friend Google, I learned that it is a furniture company that is happy to charge you next year's mortgage payments for a couch.

    So, no, Basil is not sitting on $6,000 worth of furniture. It's a chair I bought about 30 years ago at a Danish import store in Vancouver. For about $100.

    28 years later, the leather seat was trashed, but Mari found a replacement for next to nothing.

    But, despite the fact that we are not going to be invited to Bill Gates next dinner party, Basil thinks it's comfortable..

  • @David-Harris I can assure you they were nowhere near that price when we were looking at them. Yikes! Inflation gone crazy the last twenty years. We prefer leather furniture because the fabric stuff is usually a result of some petroleum process and our needs are modest enough that we don't require much of it.

    Oh yeah, and my wife is Italian so of course we'd have to at least consider furniture made in Italia! We didn't buy a Natuzzi though. Well, actually we did but R.C. Willey's could not manage to deliver it w/o tearing the leather on both arm rests so we refused it.

    Ciao-- o/

  • Bernice, the cat, is 16 yr old. The last year she had problems, but she's been #1 happy and #2 rallying recently. It's been a warm summer in Seattle.


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