Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty....the Cat Thread

  • last summer when we got back from out trip Hugo was a total flea bag. His cat sitter didn't feel comfortable applying bthe frintline and that stuff is hit and miss anyways. . I gave him a dose and it did nothing but I had to wait 30 days before trying anything else... It was bad. I got him a fancy very expensive flea collar and it cleared up completely in about 3 days. No more ticks as well.

  • @NickG say, wow, nick... thanks for sharing... yeah, i got frontline on them now, too... not sure how it will go... i'm so very thankful that i had not had this trouble in years, past... will post a MUCH better and happier cat pick, soon, 🙂

  • I am completely cured from frontline. it is very spotty. seems like in my experience you have a 50 50 chance of it working somewhat depending on how much the cat squirmed while you were trying to apply it. Then if it doesn't work you can't take the chance of re applying or trying something else for at least 30 days or risk overdosing. then there is the whole thing on how invasive it is to put poison directly into your cats bloodstream. Frontline never worked with ticks. period. 100% failure rate. flea collar was $65 bucks but good for 8 months and has been 100% effective with both fleas and ticks.

  • Fleas are such a dilemma

    I used to bathe and flea comb

    Pretty labor intensive


    I wonder if turmeric would work

    I am cat sitting

    All the friends I ever had are now gone

    Except for the orange feral


  • @zBrown -- say, GOOD to hear from you... here is my floor... and, (hee hee) my NEW CAT to add to my three left... the others died of old age (22 and 23 years old) ...

    will post the 'group pic' later, all the cats, that were my buddies, here.. i need to go do the wash, and study, and paint, tomorrow (i hope) ... so will be back, tomorrow, 🙂

    salt really does kill the eggs, however, you may 'also lose all the friends, human, if they come over and see this... 😉

    night now... hugs to all you taco folks!



  • This post is deleted!

  • hey there, say, all...

    my cats... two of them, (other was sleeping, at this time) ...
    before the fleas....

    they still are not fully better...
    will keep you all updated... 🙂

    new camera-- great lens, on it...





    happy good eve, to all...
    sure missed you-- so glad to be here, again!

  • We enjoyed a clear day with highs in the mid-40's f. yesterday & Harley (the cat) superivsed our putting up Solstice lights.

    After we got lights on Heidi's basalt Solstice lingam, Harley checked it out & was enerergized.


    He ran to his favorite tree & up it.


    Then, of course, a little claw-sharpening was appropriate.


  • @FritzRay Basil must have been energized last night, too, because he went out (he has a cat door) shopping for Solstice presents for me. He didn't even wait for official solstice, but left them for me right away, just inside the back door!

    Yeah, a rat and a bird.

  • We enjoyed a return to winter this week in south Idaho. Harley (the cat) boldly ventured outside at 20 f. on Sunday morning & returned after his morning duties, per the cat tracks on our front porch.


    It did not warm up after that, although a cold & pale sun came out.

    Harley found a south-facing window for an inside sun bath & admired the snow from afar.


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